Tableau Prep Training

Tableau Prep Training

Introduction to Tableau Prep Training:

Tableau prep training is one of the tools used for creating and analyzing the data individually in the Tableau. This is also an ETL tool where ETL stands for Extract Transform and Load. Tableau Prep is one of the main part of the Tableau ecosystem. Global Online Trainings provides all types of trainings and we are one of the best online training from India because we provide quality training by our experienced trainers at a reasonable cost. Register with us and join today!

Prerequisites of Tableau Prep Training:

Anyone can learn Tableau Prep training, this is more beneficial for Analysts, Data Stewards and Current Tableau Desktop users.

Tableau Prep Online Training Course Content:
  • Name of the course: Tableau Prep Training
  • Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training according to client requirement.
  • Course Duration: 30 Hrs (can be customized as per requirement)
  • Do you provide materials: Yes we provide materials.
  • Course Fee: After the registration with Global Online Trainings, one of our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer Experience: 15 years+
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • Batch Type: We provide regular, weekend and fast track.

Overview of Tableau Prep Training:

In Tableau Prep training, we can get to know the connection of data, combining data through joins and unions, cleaning and reviewing the data and output data to Tableau Desktop and server.


What are Tableau Products?

Tableau has four main products. They are

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server


  • Tableau Desktop: Tableau Desktop is used for creating the visualizations, creating the dashboards and also for analyzing the data. Tableau Desktop is easy to use and here we can analyze and there is an option to drag and drop the analytics.
  • Tableau Prep: Tableau prep is the reshaping the data like adding the data, removing the data, adjusting the data. This tool has 3 coordinated views that give the complete overview of data.
  • Tableau Online: Tableau Online is the tool used for publishing the work in online. Tableau Online is a self service analytics cloud tool and it can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Tableau Server: Tableau Server is one of the tools used for showing and managing the work. Tableau Server plays an important role in every enterprise i.e. from small enterprise to large enterprise and this is also used for fulfilling the needs of BI. This tool is used to take the data from anywhere and it can share among the organizations through desktop or mobile browsers.

“Global Online Trainings provides both online training as well as corporate training according to client requirement. “


What are the uses of Tableau prep?
Some of the important uses of Tableau prep are as follows.
  • For ad hoc analysis, Tableau prep is used for fast cleaning and reshaping of data.
  • For regular cleaning and reshaping of data that refreshes periodically.
  • It provides Tableau based services like Tableau dashboards to servers.
  • This is also used as communication device between the data and the user.
  • It provides a self service solution to a client or team.
What is Tableau Prep Builder in Tableau Prep Training?

Tableau Prep Builder is a suite related to Tableau product and it is used to prepare the data easy. In Tableau, for analyzing the data we use Tableau Prep Builder. The earlier name of Tableau Prep Builder is Tableau Prep Version 2019.1.2. The major advantage of Tableau Prep Builder is it can be used to design and it is also used for combining, shaping and cleaning their data for analysis.     


Along with Tableau Prep training learn about Tableau Training:

Tableau is one of the developing data tool and this tool is used in Business Intelligence Industry. The major role of the Tableau is that it converts raw data into easy format. Created visualizations by Tableau are in the form of dashboards and worksheets. Tableau plays an important role in all industries, departments and environments because it provides solutions to all problems.


“We provide quality training by our experienced trainers at a reasonable cost.”


Advantages of Tableau:
Some of the important advantages of Tableau are as follows.
  • For creating data visualizations we use Tableau.
  • Any user can create an interactive visual with the help of drag and drop options of Tableau.
  • In Tableau, there are many types of visualizations. To learn Tableau coding is not required and it is easy when compared with Python.
  • Tableau consists of millions of data rows.
Features of Tableau:

The features of Tableau are as follows.

  • Any user can use Tableau because for it high level programming is not required.
  • In Tableau, Complex software is not required because the installed desktop version itself consists of all types of features.
  • The user has the facility to create and analyze the data and there is an option to drag and drop also.
  • The user can store the data without knowing the format how the data is stored.

These are just the basics of Tableau, you can get the detail knowledge on Tableau Training along with Tableau Prep Training.


Learn Tableau Server along with Tableau Prep Training:

For every organization, visualization is needed. So to create and share the visualization a sharing tool is required and this sharing tool is known as Tableau server. Tableau server not only supports the browser but also supports mobile based insights. In an organization, for creating the dashboards everyone should use Tableau Desktop and for sharing the data Tableau server is used.


Roles in Tableau Server:

There are four different types of roles in Tableau Server. They are Users, Content owner, Site Administrators and Server Admins.

  • Users: People using the dashboards and datasheets for developing and managing the data is known as users.
  • Content Owner: A person who is responsible for designing and developing the data is known as content owner. The content owner has also had the responsibility for creating the dashboards and maintaining the content up to the date.
  • Site Administrators: The security of the dashboard is managed by Site Administrators. They have the responsibility to access the permissions and publishing the reports on the main server of the company. 
  • Server Admins: Server admins has the responsibility to maintain the main server, for recovery and for the installation of the product and for maintaining the license keys.

You can also get the detail knowledge on Tableau Server Training along with Tableau Prep Training.


Conclusion to Tableau Prep Training:

Tableau Prep training is one of the most popular courses in the market. Many organizations are looking for the candidates who are having the practical knowledge on Tableau Prep and they are ready to pay huge salaries for the selected candidates. Candidate should design, develop the data and also has the responsibility to create the dashboards and maintain the content up to the date.


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