Taleo training

Taleo training

Introduction to Oracle Taleo training:

Oracle Taleo training at Global online trainings – You have grown over the years and you become quite successful, you know that people are the key to this success. So one day a manager comes to you and he says he needs a new person to fill a vacancy or a new job, you immediately get the paper work ready through a requisition and you deposit on an applicant tracking system such as Taleo. Taleo will get the word out over the internet to hopefully thousands of people called applicants and these applicants will supply their credential information to you. Global online trainings is best in providing Talent Acquisition cloud online training by industry experts.

Overview of Oracle Taleo training:                                                                                                                    Taleo training

  •  In Oracle Taleo training, you will then use applicant tracking system to do interviews and employment tests and background checks to filter out those applicants to a number of candidates that are suitable. You then choose one, two or three of those candidates, meet with the requisitioning manager and you choose one in Oracle recruiting cloud. You will do the paper work for a job offer, the candidate then accepts and you go back and forth with all the necessary required documents that are filled out.
  • Oracle Taleo training at Global online trainings – You then use applicant tracking system to schedule onboarding and orientation and also to follow up on the progress of that employee for the first few months. There are other applicant tracking systems out there but Oracle Taleo is a world leader and it offers functionality that most organisations would find quite useful.
  • Now any applicant tracking system has the added benefit of saving you time, saving you energy and saving you a little bit of thought in Oracle Taleo training. There are certain automated processes within it for example automatic scheduling of interviews, automatic communication with applicants, room bookings, booking the time of managers during panel interviews, panel members and also automatically distributing documents such as contracts to be signed in Oracle Taleo training , payroll forms and also notifying potential applicants or candidates when their interviews are and that will actually lessen the burden for you to actually keep track of a lot of each administrative things.
  • So you can actually move on to actually looking at the candidate itself, the person looking at the results of tests and using psychometric in Oracle Taleo training. So determine the best fit for the organisation. We will see step by step and its simplicity to see what you can do to harness the power that applicant tracking offers to totally streamline and make more effective your talent management process.
  • Oracle purchased Taleo in 2006 and it’s now been renamed to Talent Acquisition cloud. Some of the facts about Oracle Talent acquisition cloud are it is the number one solution worldwide. There are over 3.5 million hires and and growing and there are 140 million applications that are collected using the Oracle Talent Acquisition cloud product.

Learn Modules of Talent Acquisition cloud in Talent Acquisition cloud online training:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding, this is where you take your candidates to applicants and then interview etc and then the onboarding piece, so that is also built in Oracle talent management cloud. And then we have Learn, Talent management and Performance management in Oracle recruiting cloud.
  • What does Oracle Cloud applicant tracking system provide to all the customers? Since it is a cloud product it can be accessed from anywhere in Oracle Taleo training. It also provides social sourcing that is essentially taking your current network, your internal employees taking their network either on Facebook , Linked In, Twitter and giving them the ability to bring in employee referrals.
  • There is also reporting and analytics screening and assessments. This talks about the background screening, any drug screening, any type of behavioral assessments, you might have your candidate population, You have the ability to set up interviews through the system, send offer letters through what is called e offer, manage all of the letters. So have the talent acquisition product, be your system of record for all the offers.
  • It can also brand the courier section and also there is called precision matching that is you can really take your own database and turn it into a monster , a career builder, you can search within the Oracle product as well in Oracle talent management cloud.

You could do billion searches, keyword searches etc. Oracle has put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that it is a compliant, it collects EEO information, you are able to report on it as well as finally the proven integration with the core HR, Your HR system, system of record, the main where your all of your employee information lies, there is an integration as well.


Benefits from the Talent Aquisition Cloud Product:

  • One is ensuring that you are aligning your staff and you are sending your teams, you are ensuring that there is high visibility to hiring everyone’s on board, there is a consolidated view of headcount budgets, cost in Oracle Taleo training .
  • It gives your hiring managers, your c-level, your executives, they are able to make better decisions as they have now visibility to what’s going on with hiring, who are we hiring, what are the types of talent we are bringing on, if they are interested in running reports on, we would like to know everyone that we hired from university, you can run the report based on that in Oracle Taleo training .
  • If you would like to run a report on everyone that holds a master’s degree you can run a report on that in Oracle talent management cloud. Those are just a few capabilities that our clients have found very beneficial in Oracle Taleo training .
  • Let’s talk about Employee value, it is really helping your internal employees, they are able to get a full view of what type of hiring activities are happening within the company in Oracle Taleo training , what jobs can they apply for instead of reaching out to maybe a recruiting manager or an HR manager in Oracle Taleo training , they are able to jump on to a  career section and especially branded for your employees and say what jobs are available, what do I qualify for, what types of roles are we hiring for within our organisation and this will help them develop a better career path and then enhance their skills for new roles.

If they are looking like my company is looking to hire someone that certified annex module or X product or if it’s an IT professional, that will motivate them to say you know my company is looking for someone computer science let me go out there, let me get certified, let me make myself more position myself so I can have a better career and of course build relationships across the organisations just to enhance productivity in Oracle Taleo training .


Conclusion of Oracle Taleo training:

Want to know the best part? It also empowers your HR team and the whole idea of an applicant tracking system is really to ensure that HR has the ability to look at all the activities that are going on what positions are open in Oracle recruiting cloud, what do my candidate pools look like, how do I report that back to my manager, to my C-levels and that really increases HR productivity as well not just your employees and then of course drive better talent practices throughout the organisation. There are lots of opportunities in the market for Talent Acquisition cloud online training with the exciting packages. Join in Global online trainings for best  Talent Acquisition cloud online training by industry experts from India. Hurry Up!


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