Team Building training

Introduction To Team Building Training Course:

What is Team?, It means Together Everyone Achieves More. Welcome to one of the most practical & most result oriented Team Building Training at Global Online Trainings by expert consultants. In the last few years Team Building has become just an forum for having fun with some Outbound Games. Post training when you ask participants what they achieved from their team building training? Most people remember only 2 things: We had a lot o fun & It’s important to work together as a team. Our Team Building Training Programs are perfect solutions for helping the people become more respectful competitors, co-operative team members & leaders. In our team building we go much beyond that. We focus on transforming the people’s behavior for the long run &change how they perceive and perform with their teams. Register now for this course and see how to Improve the way team members interact & you improve their ability to solve problems.

Team Building Online Training Course Content

  • Investing in the Teamwork
  • Team building
  • Planning & Structure
  • Common & Team goal
  • Action plan for  re Goals
  • Assessment of Team Effectiveness
Team Management
  • Establishing the Team Rules
  • Analysing the SWOT
  • Building on individual Strengths & improving weaknesses.
  • Motivation & Delegation
  • Individual within the team.
  • Oral, written & visual
  • Within & out with the Team.
  • Establishing the Roles within team
  • Class workshop
Characteristics of a Team
  • Awareness of unity
  • Team Creativity & Decisions
  • Interpersonal team relationship
Problem Solving
  • Methods & techniques
  • Resolving the  issues