Telephony Training

Telephony Training Course Content

  • Designing LAN for IP Telephony
  • Explaining the campus evolution & IP Telephony
  • Connecting the IP phone
  • Designing high availability at the data link & network layers
  • Reviewing LAN Quality of Service (QoS) for IP Telephony
  • Designing access layer for IP Telephony
  • Designing LAN distribution layer for IP Telephony
  • Designing core layer for IP Telephony
  • Design WAN for IP Telephony
  • Bandwidth provisioning
  • WAN QoS
  • Design IP Telephony
  • Size and select voice gateways
  • Designing media resources
  • Sizing & positioning new applications
  • Dial plan
  • Design emergency services
  • Designing a secure IP Telephony solution
  • Designing for the implementation
  • Design a multi-site IP Telephony solution (lab)