Teradata FSLDM Training

teradata fsldm training

Introduction to TERADATA FSLDM Training:

TERADATA FSLDM (Financial Services Logical Data Model) Training it provides the financial services to the data that it will not redesign any model and it is an integrated behind the functional model that provides the enterprise view of data.We are experts in providing Teradata Financial Services and Logical Data Model Corporate Training. TERADATA FSDLM  is an flexible and comprehensive that provides the structures. Working with the TERADATA FSLDM Corporate Training is data integration load map, and TERADATA FSLDM  is an easy by adding entities are set of attributes with this the flexibility increases. Global Online Training will provide this course TERADATA FSDLM Training with experts and the course will also available in corporate session which is available and the advanced of this TERADATA FSDLM  will also provided and if any quires about the TERADATA FSLDM Corporate Training you can visit our website  Global Online Training.

Prerequisites of TERADATA FSLDM Training:

We should know the basic knowledge of entities and attributes and the TERADATA  FSLDM Corporate Training is also needed to know about this course because it’s a subpart of the TERADATA Training only.

 Teradata FSLDM Corporate Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Teradata FSLDM Training
  • Duration of the Course: 40 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of Training: Classroom and Corporate Training
  • Timings: According to one’s Feasibility
  • Materials: Yes, We are providing Materials for Teradata Financial Services Logical Data Model Corporate Training (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GOTOMETTING or SKYPE
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+Years
  • Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Teradata FSLDM Training Course Content

teradata-fsldm- training-course-content

Overview of TERADATA FSLDM Training:

  • TERADATA FSDLM  is an available for the subject areas and the data models. This is used for the designing, if the designing is not satisfied by the customer then there is no pay for redesign.
  • Where the Best TERADATA FSLDM corporate course will have the data model to say that parties relationship and their location, product like that.
  • With that what parties are their say and there will be a unique primary key for every party and one identifier only in TERADATA FSLDM Corporate Training. We are offer best Teradata FSLDM Training material given by corporate trainers from India.
  • After learning this course, you get job in any company related to TERADATA FSLDM. In that job, is you are facing any technical issues regarding to TERADATA FSLDM project. We also provide job support for this TERADATA FSLDM training, if you want to join in TERADATA FSLDM job support, just go through with my help desk.

What is Teradata FSLDM Training?

The Teradata Financial services logical data model is also known as the Teradata FSLDM, This is used as the logical data of the third normal form for the specific attributes level. And is the starting point of finical institutions and insurance companies. This is used for the people who are interested for achieving and organized the view of the business.

What are the benefits of using the Teradata FSLDM?

  • It is a flexible and dynamic model that you can use for the long term.
  • This means that as your business changes (e.g. you change your organizational structure or product offerings) there is minimal impact or no impact on the data model. You have a solid database design. Moreover, it is extendable.
  • This initiates the data modeling phase of the development life cycle. This is a good way to start the developing and the logical data model, and provides checkpoints to make sure you have covered the areas in your scope.
  • The information displaying step in the improvement life cycle. It is a decent beginning stage when building up your sensible information model, and gives checkpoints to ensure you have shrouded the essential zones in your extension.
  • It is used as the result of analyzing the customer based data model where has teradata is developed for the other organization.
  • It has been validated at customer engagements.
  • By using this teradata experience which is used to build the model in the less time and also the costs less
  • It is the cross functional and integrated where has the customer uses the products and the functions
  • It is a roadmap for future integration and enhancement. You can start small but grow into the model knowing that it will integrate in the future.
  • It is broad in scope, robust. Flexible. Moreover, customer-oriented. The model tracks relationships with any party of interest to the financial institutions. It supports a customer management vision, Environment that enables financial institutions to develop comprehensive knowledge about their customers and to optimize the profitability of each relationship.
  • It accommodates changes of currency, as it is the case with the Euro.

Data Models of TERADATA FSLDM Training:

There are some models in the TERADATA FSDLM  corporate Training with that .

  • Subject Area Model of Teradata FSLDM Training 
  • Conceptual Level Model of Teradata FSLDM Training
Subject Area Model of TERADATA FSLDM Training:

Subject Area Model  of TERADATA FSLDM Corporate course  is an higher level manager model and it will show the major level area model and their relationship between them and they have 10 entities.

  • Party Asset: Party asset are in Subject area model in this things of parties have an interested to have an value.
  • Agreement:Agreement is an contract type  between the to people are any business authorizes, which is the interest based on that between parties.
  • Party:Party an individual and an group based on that interested and the financial institution.
  • Product:This is based on the product form market which includes on the services of terms conditions and their features.
  • Event:Event is an based on their interest on the data.we can be contact with the user.
  • Finance:Finance is an internal business of accounting.
  • Internal Organization:Internal Organization a party that have an unit of business.
  • Location: Location for an party there should be an address that are physical, electronic, geography address based on that.
  • Campaign:Campaign is an communication plan to deliver the message. Channel is a vehicle where the party interacts with the financial.
Conceptual Level Model of TERADATA FSLDM Training:
  • Conceptual Model  in TERADATA FSLDM is an next level of the Subject Area Model of TERADATA FSLDM  and it is also known as that how entities are relate to each other.
  • The entities in this model which clarifies the overall structure and it will also defines the vocabulary, philosophy used in the models are define. Conceptual Model containing the 50 entities where it exists on only one page and in entity relationship format.
  • Where association entity and other sub type entity will not shown. We also offer Teradata Administration training with the reasonable price and we cover all the topics of this course.
  • Conceptual Model party  of TERADATA FSLDM  of this privacy option and their party group and the party related group will have some employment and ownership. Party types are the household, organization and individual
  •  LOCATION:Location has the geographical area, geo demographic and the locator.
  • PARTY ASSESTS: Party asset in an Conceptual Model the parties which have interested values.
  • PRODUCT:Product is the product type and which is related to the data. Investment product will have the bond, future, stock and investment event.
  • AGREEMENT:Which is known as the some agreement based on the types of the business Models of Teradata fsldm Trainingagreement, bank agreement, insurance agreement and investment agreement ,Margin history account and balance history.
  • Event:Their are two types of the event which is the agreement event and financial event are debit and credit will occur which are not directly link with customer, contract event which are mutually contact and compliant and are all are contract event and with webpage and click stream.
  • Ledger Account:Where it has the journal entry for a customer.
  • Internal Organization:Internal Organization has the internal institution organization and the skills and objectives are to be there.
  • Campaign:Campaign has the product offer and also the party segment and also the name.

Deep Drive into TERADATA FSLDM Training Subject Area:

Deep drive into TERADATA FSLDM  has the some entity they are

  • Party of Teradata FSLDM Training
  • Agreement of Teradata FSLDM Training

Party of Teradata FSLDM Training:

  • Party  of an TERADATA FSLDM is individual and an group based on that interested to the financial institution where it will not change the main basic structure.
  • Party has only one identifier. Party model is a abstraction and the price is more flexibility  and also the complexity in the time of data loading.
  • This all the parties should have unique primary key. No one should not have the duplicates and also the duplicates parties with different keys, because during data transformation the duplicates are also  more important .
  • Party may related to so many parties , it is an individual, household or organization. Elearning is also available for the Teradata training now a days Corporate session is common.

Organization is for the professional and business purpose. There will be an two types of organization external or internal organization.

  • External Organization:External Organization is an the business should be an legal.
  • Internal Organization:The internal organization is used for the business structure and carries out the different activities. 
  • Household:Household is an the extended family, which is the group of households that identifying that Party entity has some views like type, name, household, credit report ,business and provider parties, relationship and history, etc.
  • Party type:In this party type which parties are related to this that means organization and individual.
  • Party Name:Party Name are the organization name are Desc, End Dt, individual name are middle, family, given, suffix, prefix, individual end dt.

The relationship between the individual and household. Household is an party relationship. Where as the party relationship will have the party structure type and the party relation status reason and also the party relation status type. Individual household will have to relates the party id, party relationship role and the party relationship start.

Credit Report:

It will give the credit status and the party rating. Party credit report will give the information about the credit score party and also for the date of party. Rating will done by the customer in household. Credit bureau is a part of the pk because you may run the credit report from the same day from different credit bureau.

Business and provider parties:

It will have the business ownership, provider specialist hist, provider sanction hist

Relationship and history:

Relationship is with other parties with locator and with product. Party metric history, party external list. And it will give the history of party and their relationship.

Party Identification:

Party can be identified with the locator and with that only party can be identified and there will be unique identified

Agreement of Teradata FSLDM Training:

Where the agreement of TERADATA FSLDM  is like the contract based is like an business agreement and the agreement is between the parties. With this we can show the relationship between the two parties .

Conclusion to Teradata FSLDM Training:

Teradata FSDLM Training is an approach that has wide scalability and adaptability; it is used to manage large volume of data without facing any problem. The data can easily be managed even if most of the segments are unstructured; it is the users share the cache simply with all the applications.

Global Online Trainings provide best Teradata FSLDM Training.Best Advanced Teradata FSDLM Training in Corporate and providing Advanced Teradata FSLDM classes by real-time faculty with course demo video; we provide Teradata FSLDM job support by professionals, for resolving all the technical queries in Teradata FSLDM project. Not only Corporate training, we also provide job support for Teradata FSLDM by highly skilled trainers. We also gives job support by virtual job support site team, if have any doubts just contact to my team.



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