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Introduction to Testcomplete Training:

Testcomplete training at Global online Trainings-Testcomplete is an object model which is used to identify the work with standard objects like textboxes; buttons etc by using this object model and the specific properties of an object testcomplete identifies the objects during runtime. We have to understand the testcomputer mechanism or algorithms in identifying the runtime objects. Testcomplete training is provided by Global online training. We are providing the best quality Testcomplete training at a reasonable price with the practical knowledge. Before going to the testcomplete training, let’s have a look at the basics of Testcomplete training.

Prerequisites of TestComplete Training:

To enroll in the TestComplete training, you must have knowledge on these modules,

  • Working knowledge of QA environment
  • Basic understanding of any of these programming languages: VBScript / JScript / Delphi Script / C++Script / C#Script SCADA, Selenium, Test Automation is required

Testcomplete online Training Course Outline:

  • Program Name: TestComplete Training
  • Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of training: Online, Classroom, and corporate training.
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Testcomplete Online Training. (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you


TestComplete Online Training Course Content


Overview of  Testcomplete training:

Test Complete Platform serves as the backbone for desktop, web and mobile. Test Complete Platform can help you find the right balance between application delivery speed and quality at an affordable cost. Test Complete Platform ensures that integration with other tools is available quickly and frequently when releasing software in shorter release cycles. The Test Complete Platform includes support for:

  • Test recording
  • Automated test execution
  • Object name mapping
  • Test Visualizer
  • Developing custom extensions
  • Database testing support
  • Integration with other tools 
  • Keyword-driven testing-Keyword Testing consists of Keyword operations Features Testcomplete Trainingthat is related to automated testing actions.
  • Scripted Testing : Scripted Testing is used to write scripts manually. It also consists of set of special plug-ins.
  • Test, Record and Playback : Testcomplete records the key actions that are necessary  to replay the test and removes  all the unnecessary actions.
  • Distributed Testing : Testcomplete can able to run a number of automated tests diagonally separate workstations or virtual machines.
  • Access to Methods and Properties of Internal Objects: Testcomplete can read the visible elements as well as internal elements of .NET, Java, WPF and C++Builder and allows test scripts for verification.
  • Data-driven testing : Data-driven testing is used for  a single test to verify many different test cases.


The scripting languages used in Testcomplete are VBscript, Jscript, C# script, c++ Delphi.

Testcomplete is supported by number of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser and Safari.

In Testcomplete  there are two methods Find and Findall

1.Find : Find method is used to search desired object from the object hierarchy. It also searches the objects on the basis of specified value of the specified property.

2. Findall: Findall methods are stored entire objects list in Array.

Global Online training is the best quality online training institute in India. We are providing the best quality Testcomplete training at a reasonable price and the best Automation Testing Certification training by global online trainings. We have highly experienced trainers for Testcomplete training. They have more than 12 years of experience and the best Testcomplete Online training by real time trainers Global online training will be switch on mode for 24/7 and will solving any issue regarding Testcomplete training.

They will clarify all your doubts and we have strong academic background. The Best Testcomplete Training certification is also provided more than 60+ students are trained in this training online. If you have any doubts regarding Testcomplete training please call to the help desk and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. And classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. 

What is Testcomplete?

Test Complete is an automated UI testing tool developed by Smart Bear Software that makes it easy to create, manage, and run automated tests across different platforms. You can cover web, mobile, and desktop applications using one tool, which saves cost and time. Smart Bear has the highest score on automated responsive web design testing.

Who can go for this Testcomplete?

Learning this technology is ideal for the following job roles:

  • Project managers
  • Testers
  • Software developers
  • Architects


Test complete has an object model that is used to identify or work with all standard objects like text boxes, buttons etc by using this object model and specific properties of an object test complete identifies the objects during run-time.

TestComplete is a automated testing platform:

  • Object identification is crucial in test automation as every script works with objects.
  • Appium is an open source tool for automating native, mobile application and hybrid application.
  • In this Testcomplete training, you will learn that it automates every kind of mobile application.
  • It supports both Android and IOS devices as well. There are total 13 tools available in the market that performs the mobile automation. But Appium is the tool which is open source and which support every kind of web application and it supports both the platforms.

It is a Open Source tool: 

  • A prioritized, stacked-rank set of items that have been properly broken down can then be used to estimate scope and ensure accurate sprint planning, brief details will be discussed in the TestComplete training.
  • The visualization of work-in-progress on boards is the most popular way for teams to collaborate on work items and move things to “done” as quickly as possible. GOT provides best Testcomplete online job support by experts.
  • Whether the team works in Scrum, Kanban, or a mixed methodology both raise the visibility of work and keep everyone on the same page.
  • The true definition of “done” is releasing quality code to end users. For most Agile teams, the best measure of progress and success is seeing working software in action.
  • So for a team releasing early and often, a real-time overview of the health and status of upcoming releases is crucial. But these three phases of Agile development wouldn’t be complete without a set of complementary reports.
  • The best teams constantly re-evaluate priorities, and strive to improve. So, the best Agile tooling needs to monitor team activity and generate reports that give the team visual data in real-time.
  • These four steps of software development are what inspired the project experience in JIRA software .From planning, to tracking, to releasing, to reporting, access to everything a software team needs in one place.
  • The end result is quicker access to the right information at the right time for every member of the team, bringing the entire team together like never before. With JIRA Software’s sidebar, everything a software team needs is only one click away.


  • Automation engineers can prepare their effective test cases or effected automated scripts.
  • Organisation will get robust automation scripts with reduced or minimized efforts.


Open a calculator click on button 3, button * and button 7 for multiplication will understand how testcomputer recognizing object in runtime while playing back assume that in the scenario there are some internet explorers , notepads and two calculators are already open and testcomplete recorded the script on 2nd calculator and it has to playback again it on 2nd calculator when it clicks on a button the following script is recorded

Sys.Process(“calc”).Window(“CalcFrame”,”calculator”). Widnow(“Button”,””,7).Click Button():

Testcomplete expected object recognization

Testcomplete uses Parent, child, object recognization mechanism

Test Automation:

 Anything we do it through a tool in any software application like desktop application, web application, webpage, mobile application to identify functional and non functional requirements is called Test Automation. This process is known as Manual process.Our trainers will skilled you on the Testcomplete project support at reasonable price.

Automation Testing is mainly used to re-run the test scenarios, so that

Will perfom manually, quickly and repeatedly.

Automation Tools:

Automation tools are of two types. They are

  • Open source tools: Sahi, Samie, Selenium, Sikuli, SOAPUI, Watir, Maveryx.
  • Proprietary tools: QTP: HP, Microsoft VSTS,IBM RFT, Oracle Application Testing Suite, Smartbear  testcomplete, UFT.

 Checkpoints in Testcomplete:

  • Create file checkpoint
  • Create Object checkpoint
  • Create property checkpoint
  • Create web service checkpoint
  • Create Database table checkpoint

Modules used in Testcomplete:

The modules used in Testcomplete are Desktop, Mobile and Web.

Challanges facing in testcomplete  :

The challenges facing in testcomplete are Cross browser testing, Working with window popup, Working with dynamic object, Page loading, Technical support.

  • Cross browser testing:  We have to check all our browser settings so that we can run our script on client machine.
  • Working with window popup: When we are uploading or downloading the file from application some times it may be get failed.
  • Working with dynamic object:  Handling of a object when sudden changes or it gets change every time.
  • Page loading: We are unable to guess the page load time.

Automation framework:

A framework is a set of guidelines or rules used for designing and creating test cases.

Benefits of Automation framework:

  • Maintaince cost is low
  • Test coverage is maximum
  • Test efficiency is improved
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Re-usability of code

Success of Automation Testing:

The success of Automation testing can be mapped by the following criteria.

  • Reduction in Labour and other costs.
  • Defect detection ratio.
  • Automation execution time and time savings to release the product.

Manual Testing:

Manual testing is a type of software which is used to find defects in a software. Any new application must be manually tested before its testing can be automated.

Advantages of Manual testing:

  • Manual testing requires less time.
  • In small and big projects we can use manual QA testing.
  • It can be completed in a limited cost.
  • Manual QA Testing can cover all the cases as compared to Automation.
  • According to project movement we can easily update test case.
  • It is easy to learn the testing.

Disadvantages of Manual testing:

  • It is not practical to do manual testing on time bounded projects and large projects.
  • It is not accurate.
  • To do manual software testing it requires more resources and more time.
  • Doing the same test case repeatedly is error prone and boring.
  • Doing  test manually is very time consuming job.

Learn about the Python tool in our Testcomplete training:

  • Python is one of the best testcomplete tool.
  • Python is a programming language. It is an open source and it is easy to learn.
  • Python does not require more memory and it also uses a scripting language.
  • Python training is provided by Global Online Trainings in which you can learn complete course from basics to advanced level topics.

Learn about the Cognos tool in our Testcomplete training:

  • Cognos is one of the popular testcomplete tool.
  • Cognos is an reporting tool that is used for both reporting and analysis of different data from unlike date warehouse.
  • Reporting plays a very important role in Cognos.
  • To maintain a Cognos tool we require low cost.
  • Cognos training is also provided by Global Online Trainings in which they will teach in a simple language to understand for each every student.

Conclusion of Testcomplete training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best Testcomplete Online training by corporate trainers. Testcomplete online training helps you to learn the different Testcomplete  tools easily. Great software begins with great planning, and the first step in great planning is having one place to manage the teams backlog. It contains powerful tools and features for every phase of the software-development life-cycle. Get high quality Testcomplete training at Global Online Trainings.

We are the experts in providing tremendous solution to our clients and students for the job/project support. We not only offer support services for fresher’s only also for experience students also. GOT provides Testcomplete job support. We provide 24/7 services to you about the support services. Our trainers give Testcomplete project support. For USA students we give Testcomplete job/project support. Our consultants are available in all time and resolve your problem.


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