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Tibco Spotfire Training

TIBCO Spotfire Training Course Introduction :

Tibco Spotfire training at global online Trainings is an associate analytics & business intelligence platform that enables customer to perform comprehensive analysis on their knowledge through the utilization of predictive statistics. Tibco Spotfire, a product group of tibco software system inc. Tibco spotfire product supply a visible & interactive expertise that helps professionals quickly discover the new  insights in data, distinguished by its speed to insight to specific business challenges.It is an enterprise class analytics and data-discovery platform.Its a client application which focus on the creation of data visualization and include high performance, scalability and security.

Global online trainings offer very best quality TIBCO Spotfire online Training. TIBCO Spotfire training conducted on the simplest interactive platform with one-to one teaching style by IT specialists.

Prerequisites Of Tibco Spotfire Training:

  • Good Knowledge on Asp.Net 3.0, C#, WCF, Oracle, SQL Server 2000 / 2005.
  • Basic Knowledge on  JavaScript, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, Great Plains., Qlikview can learn Tibco Spotfire Training.

Tibco Spotfire online Course outline:

  • Program Name: Tibco Spotfire Training course.
  • Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of training:Online, Classroom, and corporate training.
  • Timings:According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Tibco Spotfire online Training. (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements:Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you

TIBCO Spotfire Online Training Course Content

Tibco spotfire training course content

Overview of Tibco Spotfire Training:

  • Tibco Spotfire is an analytics and business intelligence platform to which allows customers to perform in depth analysis on data using statistics.
  •  Tibco Spotfire it’s an analytical tool which helps the customers or decision makers to perform or to do the in depth analysis on the data. It is an enterprise class analytics and data discovery platform.
  •  Its client application which focus on the creation of data visualization and include high performance, scalability and security.
  • Tibco Spotfire offers the   possibility of reading very power data visualization from real time business activities which will be used for  monitoring big data and database decisions. 

Global online trainings offer very best quality TIBCO Spotfire online Training. TIBCO Spotfire training conducted on the simplest interactive platform with one-to one teaching style by IT specialists. Course materials developed with industry updates for best grooming of the students.

TIBCO Spotfire Training-Main features of Tibco Spotfire:

These are the main features of Tibco Spotfire,

  • Can connect to more than 30 different data sources. It can be connected more than 30 different data sources and we can choose the data source from several databases which includes big data, Teradata, Web services, files. Not only can we load the local database into Tibco Spotfire also we can use the cloud database.Main features of Tibco Spotfire plays an important role in TIBCO Spotfire Training.
  • Big Data analysis can be done, so Tibco Spotfire delivers the power of map reduce to regular user.
  • In TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings – SpotfireDatabase Analysis there data visualization can be build on proper database using information links and due to this there is no need to pull the analyze data into platform as a live line because there is no need to pull the data within Tibco Spotfire it works as the live link and whenever make any changes in the real time data it will get effect in to Tibco Spotfire.
  • In TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings – Tibco Spotfire has capability amercing the data from several distinct sources in to a single visualization, so there is Visual Joins available.
  • Data Drill Down we can drill down data to the further level.
  • Rule Based visualizations.

Tibco Spotfire Desktop:

Tibco Spotfire Desktop is self service software for knowledge visual image and analytics. It allows you to get and share important insights from information that drive real business worth.

What is TIbco Spotfire?

Spotfire is a very powerful enterprise-grade analytics platform for gaining valuable business insights. It is a smart, secure, flexible and scalable tool that provides data visualization, discovery, wrangling and predictive analytics capabilities. Spotfire also includes an efficient dashboard and interactive analytical applications. Spotfire allows users to combine analytics into a single analysis and get a comprehensive view with interactive visualization. Spotfire software makes businesses smart, provides AI-based analytics, and makes it easy to plot interactive data on maps. The platform helps businesses transform their data into powerful insights easily and in a short time. It speeds up data analysis across the organization to make a fast, confident and very accurate decision.

Who should for this Tibco Spotfire Course?

  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • ETL and SQL Developers and Data Analytics and Database Architects
  • Software and Mainframe Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Freshers interested in BI careers

What will you learn in this TIBCO Spotfire online training course?

  • All about Spotfire: tools, features and processes
  • Data visualization using in-built techniques and dashboards
  • Ways to modify visualization using Spotfire Server
  • Creating various charts and filters and data organization and analysis
  • Using Spotfire Server and applying controls on visualization
  • Data warehousing and creating tables from database and files
  • Organizing and analyzing data and learning how to create filters and charts
  • IronPython Scripting
  • Using IronPython to create frameworks, platforms and data forms


Why use Spotfire Desktop?

Why organization or a customer should goes for a Tibco Spotfire Desktop because there are 3 important features,

tibco spotfire training

Gain Confidence:

By using Tibco Spotfire the clients they can gain confidence, they can gain insight and they can become catalyst for change because your decisions are supported with facts. Every insight is supported by data, and every move is precise. So you will gain confidence on working on Tibco Spotfire big your data.

Gain insight:

you can easily gain insight or basically you can easily do data mining which helps you discover and you can discover the data in such a way that you have never thing weather it is possible or not for you can do such a way or not, so by using Tibco Spotfire you can visualize the data as required as desire.

Become a catalyst for change:

Become a catalyst for change because you can share powerful insights and make precise recommendations to drive value for your organization.

Components of Tibco Spotfire:

  • TIBCO Spotfire Database
  • TIBCO Spotfire Server
  • TIBCO Spotfire Webplayer Server (Node Manager)
  • TIBCO Spotfire Analyst (Professional Client)
  • TIBCO Spotfire Consumer (Webplayer)
  • TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services
  • TIBCO Spotfire Statistical Services
  • TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Data Services
  • TIBCO Spotfire Business Author
  • TIBCO Spotfire Desktop

Benefits of Tibco Spotfire online course:

  • Spotfire helps identify the area in which there needs to be an improvement. Let us take a scenario, in your organization, you find that there is an economic crisis and the shares that you bought are falling. So, you analyze the data from the previous years and find out the shares that will boom in the upcoming days. Then, you ask your organization to invest in those shares. Spotfire here helps you in following ways:
  • Spotfire helps in finding the facts that ruin the customer–organization relationship.
  • It helps analyze the fall and rise of a product in the market through graphical representation of the sales and reviews of the product data.
  • It predicts sales volumes.
  • Through Spotfire, future can be predicted by analyzing the past and current data using statistical techniques.
  • TIBCO Spotfire significantly reduces the cost of ownership by enabling users to handle hundreds of their end users over the Internet with the help of just one database.

Features of Tibco Spotifire:

  • Big Data Analytics: Spotfire can handle or analyze complex or large data.
  • Content Analytics: Spotfire can analyze the content such as documents, news sites, customer conversation, and social media discussions to answer specific questions.
  • Predictive Analytics: One best feature of Spotfire is that it can predict feature by analyzing past and current data.
  • Data discovery and visualization
  • Dashboard and analytics apps
  • Advanced collaboration tools

Pros of Tibco spotfire online Training:

  • Ability to quickly identify outliers in datasets
  • Aggregating data and presenting them in a dynamic chart
  • Visually identifying clusters within datasets
  • Pretty easy to get started with new users
  • Providing interactive, customized reports and dashboard
  • Handling multiple sources of data
  • Paired with the cloud version, allows users to access the library from any place with an Internet connection.

Cons of Tibco spotfire online Training:

  • Needs more manual training for advanced applications
  • Support documentation for external domain authentication is lacking for advanced infrastructure
  • Administration panel could be improved in a way that there are fewer direct interactions with servers.

Overview of TIBCO Spotfire Analyst Client:

Where any Spotfire analysis begins, with the process of accessing data for analysis. Most of what you will build in a spotfire analysis document will rely upon the underlying data tables. 

What types of data sources can you use in order to obtain data for these data tables?

Spotfire offers 15 different visualization types from which to choose and these views are more than just static graphs. These visualizations are interactive representations of the data which exists in the underlying data tables. And the ways which that data can be represented within these visualization types is highly configurable. Some of the more common configuration options which are available across most visualization include properties like,


Values can be represented by discrete categorical colors for each unique value or segmented range of values or by color gradients.

TIBCO Spotfire Training

Trellis, Size and Aggregation:

Categorical values may be used to separate the items in visualization into trellis panels and continuous variables may be represented by a size gradient.

Items in visualizations like bar height, line position, marker size and color are often defined by multiple values from the underlying data table; therefore, some form of aggregation is required, like a sum, average, median or count although those represent only a few of the many aggregation options available.

Labels and Tooltip:

Additional information may be added to items within a visualization using labels or tooltip information boxes which are displayed upon mouse over.

Lines and Curves:

In addition, there are methods available for drawing or calculating reference lines for display on a variety of visualization types.

Use of Spotfire Analytics:

TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings-Tibco Spotfire Analytics provides an incredibly fat and flexible environment for analyzing critical data to help you and your organization make better and smarter decisions. With powerful in memory analysis, predictive modeling and a highly visual and intuitive interface. Spotfire gives business and technical professional the ability to rapidly explore their data, helping them find key insights to give them a unique competitive edge.

Spotfire Analytics may be a single platform that spans the spectrum from fast ad-hoc analysis to putting together custom analytic applications, from analyzing computer program and information knowledge to real time and event driven data, and from desktop primarily {based} knowledge exploration to cosmopolitan web based interactive dashboards. 

Tibco Spotfire Automation Services:

In TIBCO Spotfire Training we also provide knowledge on the following services.

  • Automation services is a platform add-on that provides the ability to execute batch automation jobs through a web service it allows an organization to deliver the right data, to the right people at the right place and time.
  • In TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings-Automation Services is a standard based web service that can be triggered by many different types of events ensuring that its jobs are kicked off just in time with an existing business process flow or time schedule the automation jobs themselves refresh pre configured Spotfire Analytic applications with a parameterized subset of data and further personalizes the application for a specific audience of end users.
  • The output of employment is usually some kind of notification to those users like an email or inclusion in a very business method management queue that links area unit in builds a mix of static reports and links to totally interactive visual analytic applications.It is good to gain some information on Automation services in TIBCO Spotfire Training.
  • In TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings–All of this gets your analysts and end users finding insights and taking actions much quicker than was possible before time is saved by automating repetitive and time consuming tasks. While at the same time larger audiences are exposed to insights that come out Spotfire, increasing the return on your investment in Spotfire by adding the always on event driven automation services to your Spotfire deployment. 
  • Automation Services packages as a web service for executing jobs an add-on tool to Spotfire professional for configuring jobs out of pre built sets of tasks and an API for extending automation services with additional more customized tasks.It is  essential to undertstand about web services in  Tibco Spotfire Training.

TIBCO Spotfire Service Overview:

TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings-Incorporates data discovery data wrangling and predictive analytics into a single cohesive scalable platform this is all made possible by the Spotfire server which provides Authentication data governance, data storage and a variety of other key resources and services.The Spotfire server is built on top of apache tomcat offers proven enterprise ready scalability is able to run on both Windows and Linux and can easily integrate into your
organizations IT environment this all comes together to create a scalable and easy to manage server environment in the backbone of the most capable analytics platform on.In TIBCO Spotfire Online course Training we provide information on Tibco Service Overview as well. 

Spotfire Cloud:

In TIBCO Spotfire Training  we also discuss about Spotfire Cloud.It is the leading information visualization and cloud primarily based business analytics software package offered nowadays. Spotfire allows users to make stunning, interactive visualizations from their laptop computer or tablet. 

In Tibco Spotfire Online course at Global Online Trainings provides knowledge on TIBCO AMX-BPM Training.

TIBCO AMX-BPM training:

  • In TIBCO Spotfire Training it is very important to understand TIBCO AMX-BPM training   as it is a  leading business method platform that provides business-friendly resolution that strengthens the enterprise, With flexible processes that are ready to react to the proper business events in real time, that meets all the organization’s business method wants.
  • In TIBCO Spotfire Online Course at Global Online Trainings-TIBCO AMX-BPM training helps you transcend the automation to digitize your current business. Tibco AMX-BPM training 4.0 introduces all the new capabilities that are useful for an organizations to evolve their processes for the digital world. All the companies can currently be ready to optimize & manage all of their processes, standardized.In Tibco Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings provides knowledge on TIBCO AMX-BPM Training.

TIBCO iProcess Training:

 It is an established and comprehensive bpm suite that allows enterprises to model, alter and optimize any variety of business method from routine tasks to mission essential, long-lasting processes that involve individuals, data and applications across the structure and geographical boundaries.We provide good information on  TIBCO iProcess Training in TIBCO Spotfire Training.

TIBCO BW Training:

We provide good knowledge on TIBCO BW Training in TIBCO Spotfire Training. Tibco BW will handle the Business Process Management as well. Why do we use this Business process management?Lets consider a situation where customer wants to automate the business process.

TIBCO BE Training:

In TIBCO Spotfire Training it is very important to understand the concepts of TIBCO BE Training. TIBCO Business Event has potential to detect patterns of events that could believe as the potential harm or benefit to our business before the events actually occurred .

Conclusion of Tibco Spotfire Training:

Tibco Spotfire Training provides a set of Data Scientist tools for working with complex data and connects to most data sources including Apache, Hadoop, Spark, Hive and relational databases. While providing security and governance, the advanced analytics platform allows the analytics team to share and implement predictive analytics and machine learning insights with other organizations, while delivering security and governance and taking actions for businesses.

TIBCO Spotfire Training at Global Online Trainings offers most compatible and industry allied online TIBCO Spotfire training for professionals aspiring to explore their professional career in domain, online classes are done by expert tutors.



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