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Ubuntu Training

Ubuntu Training

Introduction to Ubuntu:

Ubuntu Training is a Linux Operating system based on very old and popular operating system tapping, Microsoft windows and Mac OS is an operating system also. Ubuntu 16.4 is LTS based means long term spot and, it will spot updates till 2020. Ubuntu First official release was warty and warthog which launched in 20th October 2004. Ubuntu Training is very easy and user-friendly; Ubuntu is cam in 9th level. There are two types in Ubuntu Training, Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop, these both are available at Ubuntu – website. You can see Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Linux distorts booting very faster than windows 7, and even Windows 8 which needs additional fast boot settings to enables this. Global Online training provides best Ubuntu Training by the best subject matter expert Trainers. We also provide Ubuntu Training classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand

Prerequisites of Ubuntu Training:

  • Before learning Ubunt we have to basic knowledge of DNS administration and learn Fedora.
  • You must have knowledge on Linux and DHCP

Overview of Ubuntu Training:

Operating system means every time you switch on your computer you can see a screen, where you can perform different activities like write, browse the internet or watch a video, that makes a computer hardware works like that how does the processor on your computer know that you are asking it to run an MP3 file. It is the operating system or kernel which does this work. The kernel is the program at the heart of any operating system that takes care of fundamental stuff like letting hardware communicates with software, so you work on any computer you need an operating system.

Quick Linux Ubuntu Cloud Desktop Online Training:


  • Open the Ubuntu training there, Ubuntu desktop and login with your user name and password. There will open default screen, let’s start from top panel and click on the power button and then about that computer.
  • Regarding the computer will give you some information about the system PC, similar to LAN processor, graphic or Skype and hard disk
  • The left side there is couple of more option default application, these are the application which will load by default, you can change them and if you have alternative of these.
  • Removal media when you install DVD CD or USB flash drive, then you can change that change should apply.
  • There are some legal notes, click again on power button and then system settings. Let’s go to start appearance, there you can change desktop background and resize your launcher icons.
  • The next step is displayed there it can result your screen resolution, and network can set up your network and you can assign manual IP depth or through DHCP server, next is software and updates
  • The software updates there have four options should be checked and download should be your location because fast download will not work if you have your location.
  • Update their three options are must, others are depended on you, and updates user accounts from power user can add user, remove user and change password and if you have administrator means root permissions.
  • Let’s check the launcher pendant here is another way to open system settings on Ubuntu.

Change Ubuntu Server address from DHCP to static:

The Ubuntu server IP address from DHCP assigned to static. It’s based on Linux distro Ubuntu server, but it should work on most versions on most recent versions of Ubuntu.

Step to Change IP Address to Static Ubuntu Training:

  • User a text editor to modify/etc/network/interfaces
  • Restart networking
  • Verify the change to the IP address and the DNS client
  • Disable the DHCP client, if desired

Must Remember Important points Ubuntu Training of Linux:

  • Go to the Ubuntu dash home update and there can see software updater, just click the software updater and just check it will there any updates for your Ubuntu software’s.
  • If you have install the latest version of Ubuntu software its better idea to update your software.
  • There are some need to update in the system and click the install then there will be provide the authentication password then click ok, it will updating all the software which needs to be in that system.
  • The Ubuntu software system updating important thing, just go to Ubuntu software center and search for restricted extras, there you will find the Ubuntu restricted extras and just go to press Install button.
  • The other important thing is you must install some of the media players, their search for VLC media and select that VLC and install that.
  • When you freshly install Ubuntu software it doesn’t have any Photo editor and image editor etc.

Why you should learn Ubuntu Linux:

Ubuntu Training Linux is free open source comes up with lots of different software, and everything is open-source is compatible with a lot of low-end hardware and doesn’t require antivirus. These are the reasons which you read in every single blog.

  • Linux is open source and free, it comes up lots of distribution.
  • it will mount all the drive to enable this feature and in Linux you won’t see anything like this.
  • Linux needs only 2 to 3GB of space for total installation, Linux looks for the hardware requirements and the feature enabled
  • All files are encrypted and system files are password protected, and every modifications and updates needs user configuration.
  • Linux distros installs all the required applications for the user, like video player, audio player, CD burn, browser etc.
  • Linux makes the animations and visual effects for the user interface.
  • You don’t need an anti – virus software for Linux OS, as the files are fully encrypted and Linux using open source coding which cannot be modified.
  • Shutting down, sleep, hibernate features are also in Linux which makes sense.

Drawback of Linux:

  • Lack of perfection and stability feeling.
  • New user feel little difficulty in handling stuffs
  • Hardware gaming is not possible

Ubuntu cannot make all the  windows applications to work