Ubuntu Training

Ubuntu Training

Introduction to Ubuntu Training:

Ubuntu is an desktop operating system and this operating System is related to Linux. The word Ubuntu is pronounced as “oo-boon-too”. Ubuntu is an open-source software, it is free to install and we can also do modifications. Ubuntu is used for network servers. Among all the Linux operating systems, Ubuntu is widely used operating system.

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To learn Ubuntu Training the student must have a basic knowledge on

  • Operating systems such as windows and various programs.
  • Basic knowledge on Linux operation system
Ubuntu Training Course Details:

Name of the Course: Ubuntu Training

Mode of Training: We provide both Online Training as well as Corporate Training.

Course Duration:  30 Hrs.

Do you provide materials: Yes, Once you register with Global Online Trainings we provide materials.

Course Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings one of our coordinator will contact you as early as possible.

Trainer Experience: Our Trainer has more than 15 years+ experience.

Timings: Training is provided according to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: We provide all types of batches Regular, Weekends and Fast Track.


Overview of Ubuntu Training:

Ubuntu is developed in 2004, and it became very famous because it is very easy to install and it is also easy to use. In Ubuntu there is a default desktop environment known as Unity.This tool is used to find all the applications and documents like Audio players, Video players and Social Media.

What is Ubuntu Dash?

Ubuntu Dash is a tool that is used to  identify the applications and documents. We can use the Dash by using the key known as Super Key. We can also find the results by using the search box. Results starts appearing on the screen than we can click on the file or application we want.

How to connect to Internet?

On the top panel, We can connect to Internet by selecting on the network icon and this shows the list of wireless networks. Among the list select the network and the enter security key. This gets connected to Internet.

In what way we can keep our Ubuntu up to Date?

Ubuntu will inform when the updates are required for installation. We can tweak the settings so the updates work as you want.


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What are the Software Packages in Ubuntu?

Some of the software Packages are as follows.

  • Skype: Skype is a messenger service. In Skype we can chat via text, video chat and by voice. The text and video chat.
  • Dropbox: Dropbox is used for sharing the files among the colleagues or friends and this is also known as Online file storage facility. We can also install Dropbox in Ubuntu.
  • Steam: For multiplayer gaming, Video streaming and for Social Networking we use a platform known as Steam.  Steam also works in Ubuntu.
  • Minecraft: Minecraft is a popular video game and this Minecraft is introduced by Microsoft and this can be installed using Ubuntu.
What are uses of Ubuntu?

Some of the important uses of Ubuntu are as follows. They are

  • Ubuntu is an open source and it is free to use.
  • Ubuntu is easy to install and anyone can use.
  • It is stable and fast.
  • Ubuntu does not have any major viruses.
  • Ubuntu is always up-to-date. Because Canonical releases latest versions of Ubuntu for every six months i.e on April and on October and brings regular updates for free.
How to install Ubuntu on existing computer?

To install Ubuntu on existing computer there are three ways. They are  

  • Replace existing Operating System with Ubuntu.
  • Install Ubuntu along with with existing Operating System.
  • Off USB stick and run Ubuntu.
  • Replacing the existing Operating System with Ubuntu is the best option.

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What is Unity?

Canonical created unity software.  This is an open source and it is available on other Linux Operating System.

Important Features Of Ubuntu:

Some of the important features of Ubuntu are as follows. They are

  • Ubuntu supports all the versions on desktop such as Chrome, Firefox etc.
  • LibreOffice is also supported by Ubuntu.
  • The important feature of Ubuntu is it has a Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an in-built email software used to access the email.
  • In Ubuntu, we can view and edit the photos with help of free applications.
  • We can manage the videos and also we can share the videos.
  • In Ubuntu, we can find the content quickly.
  • Ubuntu is a free operating system.

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What are the flavours of Ubuntu?

Some of the important flavours of Ubuntu are Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Kubuntu and Linux Mint.

  • Ubuntu Desktop: Ubuntu Desktop is an OS.  By using Ubuntu Desktop we can perform basic operations such as Browsing, email etc.
  • Ubuntu Server: Ubuntu is supported by server version and this server version has hosting applications such as web servers and databases. These operating systems also supports cloud platforms. The cloud platforms are AWS and Azure.
  • Kubuntu: Ubuntu is normally based on a software called Unity. Kubuntu is related to a software called KDE plasma desktop. The features of the Kubuntu and Ubuntu are the same.
  • Linux Mint: Linux Mint is related to Ubuntu Operating System. Linux Mint is based on applications in the form of photos and multimedia.
 Along with Ubuntu Training learn about Linux:

There are many operating systems among that Linux is one. Kernel is the heart of the operating System. It takes the responsibility of Hardware, communications with software. Linux is an operating system and it is user friendly.

Features of Linux:

Some of the important features of Linux are

  • Portable: Portability is related to a software works on hardware. Linux kernel can work on any hardware platform.
  • Multi programming: with the help Linux we can run multiple applications at a time.
  • Security: User security is also provided by Linux like passed protection and encryption of data.

These are just the basics of Linux Training. You can get detailed knowledge on Linux along with Ubuntu Training.



There are different application types in Ubuntu. This helps to operate a web server. In Ubuntu installation there are 40,000 different software packages. Ubuntu is a fast growing technology this is used in many companies. Many of the companies are using Ubuntu  and hiring employees for Ubuntu as Ubuntu admin with AWS with yearly package of 7 lakhs per annum.


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