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ui path training

Introduction of Ui Path training:

Ui Path Training is one of the best Robotic Process Automation tools and it takes much significance for learning to be able to understand the collective functioning of software robot. Ui Path training automation platform enables global enterprises to deploy and design. The platform lead totally fledged robotic workforce that mimics employees in administering rules based tasks and frees. The diagrams and flowcharts we can setup the automation activities by using UiPath workflow designer. Ui Path used to converts complicated tasks into pure UI automation, so the work will be very easier and quicker. The Ui Path platform, with its UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Robot can handle it successfully.

ui path online course content

1.RPA Introduction
  • UiPath Introduction
  • The User Interface
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Updating UiPath Studio
  • Chrome & Firefox Extensions
  • Connecting to a Source Control
  • Enabling Tracing
  • Creating a Basic Workflow
  • Debugging a Workflow
  • Managing Packages
3.Types of Variables
  • Generic Value Variables (any kind of data, including text, numbers, dates and arrays)
  • Text Variables
  • Boolean Variables
  • Number Variables
  • Array Variables
  • Date and Time Variables
  • Data Table Variables
  • Recording Types
  • Automatic Recording
  • Manual Recording
  • Basic, Desktop, Web and Citrix Recordings
7.UI Elements
  • UI Activities Properties
  • Input Methods
  • Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  • Relative Scraping and Data Scraping
  • Data Scraping Example
9.Image and Text Automation
  • About Image and Text Automation
  • Mouse and Keyboard Activities
  • Text, Image and OCR Activities
11.Orchestrator Overview
  • Control Center
  • Robots, Packages, Processes, Jobs, Schedules, Queues, Transactions, Assets, Alerts, Audit, Logs
  • Project Assignment
2.Introduction to Debugging a Workflow
  • Managing Packages
  • Types of Workflows
  • Sequences
  • Flowcharts
  • State Machines
  • Variables and Types of Variables
  • Managing Variables
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Variables Panel
  • Managing Arguments
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Arguments Panel
  • Using Arguments
  • Imported Namespaces
  • Importing New Namespaces
6.Control Flow
  • Control Flow Activities
  • The Assign Activity and Delay Activity
  • The Do While Activity and While Activity
  • The If Activity
  • The Switch Activity
  • The For Each Activity
  • The Break Activity
  • About Selectors
  • Selectors with Wildcards
  • Full Versus Partial Selectors
  • UiPath Explorer
10.Excel Automation
  • PDF Automation 
  • Email Automation 
  • SAP Automation – UiPath Training
  • How to Automate SAP Applications  (using SAP screen snapshots)
  • Mainframe and Terminals Automation
  • How to Automate Mainframe and Terminals  (using screen snapshots)

Overview of Ui Path training:

  • Ui path is code free desktop automation and it has been designed from ground up to excel at automating application presentation layer. It senses the UI controls like a human, instead of blindly using fixed screen co-ordinates.
  • In Ui Path, works similar to a human worker and a robot takes access to mouse controls and keyboard to run through actions for executing automations.
  • Ui Path provides a fully end of end management solution that take care of your robots from deployment and scheduling to live monitoring, reporting and analytics.
  • Ui path training doesn’t use custom backed security channel, does not store passwords obfuscated in a database, and it uses System Center Orchestrator credential store, active directory integration and the super secure channel provided by power shell remitting and SSL.
  • Ui Path Studio is an essential software solution that allows you to automation for repeated tasks. It is use minor task to time-consuming heavy tasks are undertaken by UI automation thereby making your work much easier and faster.
  • The Ui Path Workflow Designer works visually automating diagrams and flowcharts. This simplifies setting automation for regular business operations, and it’s does not require any knowledge of programming and very easy to learn.
  • Ui Path Enterprise platform stands out from other provider’s solutions through a range of performance drivers. Capability a large variety of processes across any environment.
  • Ui Path is a truly agnostic system that works with any technology, from SAP to citric and anything in between.
  • It delivers intelligent automation through language detection, extraction of unstructured data and sentiment analysis.
  • Ui Path Training Security will continue to be a sensitive subject. But the platform, with its studio, Orchestrator, and robot, can handle it successfully.
  • The robots can automate under locked screen for complete privacy with role based access to authorized users.
  • Ui Path integrated is powerful data analytics capabilities offered through Kibana and Elastic search, every user decision and change is tracked in time and logged centrally on the server to provide full visibility into process execution and operational statistics.
  • The Ui Path Training solution delivers scalability for a higher performance. It Orchestrator is powered by a multi-tenancy feature that allows creating a number of tenants and isolating all their data using a single orchestrator instance.