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UNIX ADMINISTRATION Training provides an opportunity to learn the fundamentals that all administrators need. UNIX ADMINISTRATION Training course incorporates a proven four-step learning process: presentation, demonstration, guidance and independent practice. This four-step proven learning model for CBT Direct’s Unix training course ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention.

UNIX ADMINISTRATION Training at Global Online Training would be beneficial for individuals looking for IT job positions such as; Linux Administrator, Network Administrator, Unix Administrator or an Enterprise Operation Manager. Enroll for the Best UNIX ADMINISTRATION Training online for the expert level training by the real time experts.


Unix Admin Online Training Course Content

Overview of System Administration
    • System Administrator Responsibilities
    • A Brief History of UNIX
    • Evolving Standards
    • Navigating the Documentation
User Administration
    • What is a “user” in UNIX?
    • The /etc/passwd File
    • Groups
    • The /etc/group File
    • Passwords
    • Adding Users
    • Deleting Users
    • Modifying User Attributes
    • The Login Process
    • /etc/profile and .profile
    • Communicating with Users: /etc/motd
    • Communicating with Users: The wall Command
File System Basics
    • The Hierarchy
    • Files
    • Directories
    • Device Files
    • Character and Block Devices
    • The/dev Directory
    • Links
    • Symbolic Links
    • A File System Tour
    • The df Command
    • The du Command
    • The find Command
Advanced File System Concepts
    • The Physical File System
    • The Inode File
    • File Storage in Disk Blocks
    • The Superblock
    • The Free List
    • Slices and File Systems
    • File System Types
Disk Management
    • Making a File System
    • The mkfs Command
    • Sharing Filesystems
    • The mount Command
    • The fstab File
    • The fsck Command
    • The lost+found Directory
    • The prtvtoc Command
    • Backup Strategies
    • Backup Tools
    • The tar Command
    • The cpio Command
    • The dump Command
    • Network Backup Strategies
UNIX Processes
    • Overview of Processes
    • Process Space
    • Process Table
    • The fork/exec Mechanism
    • The ps Command
    • Background Processes
    • The kill Command
    • Scheduling Jobs
    • The cron Daemon
    • The at Command
    • The crontab Command
    • Format of cron Files
    • Access to Scheduling Facilities