Ansible Training

Uses of Ansible Training

Introduction of Ansible Training:

Ansible Training is an open source robotization stage. It is, exceptionally easy to setup but then intense. Ansible can help you with arrangement administration, application sending, and undertaking robotization. It can likewise do IT coordination, where you need to run undertakings in succession and make a chain of occasions which must occur on a few distinct servers or gadgets.

What is Ansible Training?

Ansible is an IT robotization setup administration and provisioning instrument. Provisioning intends to give or supply something that is required and ansible here does likewise to your application. Ansible ensure that all the essential bundles and every other programming are downloaded and introduced in your PC keeping in mind the end goal to run your application.

Ansible is agent less you don’t have to have an agent running on any of the servers that you manage it just relies on SSH and Python.

Another thing that Ansible does is its configuration is done using YAML which is stands for yet another markup language, so its relatively easy to read as opposed to having to actually read code so it all up what ansible basically does essentially it is a set of tasks in playbooks that are run on a particular set of hosts, So it’s through these tasks that it is unable to do the server configuration orchestration if you choose and also deployment.

What are things we can do with Ansible:

  • Configuration of servers that is change the configuration of an application device we can start and stop any service install or update application implement security policies we can also with this Ansible.
  • Application deployment.
  • Continuous testing of already installed applications.
  • Provisioning.
  • Orchestration.
  • Automation of tasks.

Features of Ansible Training:

  • Agentless it means that there is no need for any kind software or any kind of agent for managing your notes unlike puppet or chef you need to install a puppet agent and chief client on all your node machines but for ansible all you have to do is just install ansible in your control machines.
  • Build on top of Python and helps provides a lot of pythons functionality.
  • Uses SSH for secure connections, now SSH are a very simple passwordless Network authentication protocol. It’s very secure as well all you have to do is just generate a public key in your control machine and copy the same key on to your node machines and your connection is established it is that simple and it is also very secure.

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