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Veritas Netbackup Training Course Introduction:

Veritas Netbackup Training course is intended for technical professionals responsible for the design, configuration, operation, monitoring, or support of Veritas NetBackup. Students should be familiar with general network and storage concepts, and the administration and configuration of Windows or Linux operating systems.

Veritas Netbackup Training at Global Online Trainings will make you understand  resources for troubleshooting Veritas NetBackup, including the Symantec/Veritas NetBackup logging assistant, and tools related to debug logging and also Optimize file system backups using incremental backups, True Image Restore, multiple data streams, and multiplexing. Join today or register today at the website to understand more about the Veritas Netbackup Training.

Veritas Netbackup Online Training Course Content

Introduction to SVM
  • Introduction to online disk 4.2 version(ODS), configuration of solstice online disk suite(4.2)
  • Implementation of online disk suite with raid levels (0, 1,0+1 & 5)
  • Extending meta device size with growfs
  • Introduction to VERITAS foundation suite and VERITAS volume manager(VxVm)
  • Installation of VERITAS volume manager
  • Differences between VxVm versions 4.0 & 5.0
  • Volume layouts in VxVm
  • Online relay layout
  • Dirty region logging
  • Configuration of VERITAS volume manager with VERITAS file system(VxFs)
Administering dynamic multi-pathing(DMP)
  • Creating and administering disk groups
  • Creating and administering sub disks
  • Creating and administering plexes
  • Creating volumes
  • Live implementation of VERITAS volume manager with RAID levels ( 0, 1, 0+1,1+0, 5)
  • Extending volume size with mkfs
  • Administering volumes
  • Administering volume snapshots