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Visio Training

Visio Training

Introduction of Visio Training:

Visio Training is equipped by Global Online Trainings. Visio software is used to build various kinds of diagrams such as flowcharts, block diagrams, circuit and schematic diagrams. In Microsoft Visio online Training our trainers will explain about the latest and improved version, which includes ribbon interface. You can choose any kind of flowchart from different categories to create new drawing. Visio is a varied diagram, chart and design package and the flowchart drawing is very easy and it is a matter of drag and drop of shapes where you want them. With our training you will get skills to make very nice documents to produce.

Course Name: Visio Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


What is Visio Training?

Visio is a tool for drawing pretty straight forward diagrams.  With the earliest versions you can draw something like a flowchart or an organization chart and in many ways. The Manual Testing is an automation tool to test Visio test cases. These are the kinds of diagrams in Visio Training you are going to learn.

  • Over recent versions in particular, its use has become much more extensive as a visualization tool and as a means of integration and assisting with other types of work particularly using other component of Microsoft Office.
  • After our Microsoft Visio online Training, you can use Visio to define workflows and you can then integrate these with Microsoft SharePoint.
  • In Vision software in particular many of the integration capabilities have been extended and the changes in features in latest versions are quite considerable.
  • Visio is providing several ready – made drawing templates with an intuitive workflow.

User Interface in Visio Training:

To start work with Visio, there are many tools and templates with specific features. User Interface is also one of the important tools in Visio. In Vision Training, the User Interface is quite similar to other programs of Microsoft Office suite. If you are connected with Microsoft then you can start browsing with chosen template category.    

Document Interface in Visio Training:

Choosing one document template in Document Interface in Microsoft Office programs is similar to User Interface. In the latest version of Visio you can view several documents at once with side by side feature or by opening a second instance in different files. In technical terms previous versions contains Multiple Document Interface (MDI). In latest version of Visio you can open number of files by using Single Document Interface (SDI). This change will probably take you a while to get used to.

Features in Visio Training:Visio Features

Visio has come up with a few updated features and those will useful to reduce your work load and time. The following are some of important features from Visio.

Data Visualizer:

In Visio Training it will automatically create process diagrams from excel data. These process diagrams will help to create Visio diagrams. In Data Visualizer any type of change from excel file will reflect on Visio diagrams.

Database structures from Source Data:

In the latest version of Visio you will have reverse engineering of database to make database visual representation. Different types of databases like My SQL, Oracle, etc. can connect with Visio to perform changes in the database and to synchronize and upgrade with the related diagrams.

Templates for Industry Specific Diagrams:

The latest update to Visio for Microsoft Office has come up with many new standardized templates made for industries like IT and education platforms. These standardized templates are equipped by third parties of Visio which are extending the capabilities.

Text Formatting:

The Text Formatting in Visio in Microsoft to format title and text within shapes. To copy and paste formatting from one shape to another shape or format the Format Painter command is useful. You can select the highlighted text from text box and perform formation of text. In Home tab you can select the paragraph and Font options which are available for your work. With the available options you can do changes for the paragraph alignment and font etc. In font, with double-click you can select the shape and change the font styles as desired. With the Selenium Testing you can concentrate on web based applications of Visio.

Process Flow in Visio Training:

In Visio Training the Process Flow will teach, how is to put any scenario in a picture. Appium is an automation tool with that you can write code and execute for Visio. The main reason of creating all the diagrams is because of a picture is worth of a thousand words. So, in addition of writing thousands of requirements and writing thousands and thousands of words and trying to explain each and every functionality and every scenario of the project, you also try to put all the situation and scenarios of the project in a diagram.

  • In Visio diagrams people will watch picture and understand what the heck is going on.
  • For people’s understanding writing many words is necessary but by creating a few diagrams you can explain actual content of your business or project.
  • The technical user or stakeholder when look at the diagram will understand if you are going in the right direction.  
  • Explaining project with Visio diagrams is not necessary but the reason behind is to get some level of understanding about project and its work flow or Process Flow.

Overview of Visio Training:

Visio Training is the best software training which is available to build diagrammatic programs from simple to complex. In Microsoft Visio online Training, our expert trainers will explain in – depth for your understanding like how to use Visio software effectively to build drawings and manipulate shapes and connector lines.

  • The formation in Visio will provides a complete design that will be inviting to your entire audience.
  • This training will help you to find the different ribbon tabs and know where the basic functions are in Visio software.
  • With Visio, you can find place and edit multiple shape types within your drawing.
  • You can also make a new drawing by using a template in various stencils and shapes.
  • Visio makes better, to Moving your drawing from one format into other formats for sharing with other.
  • For a business organization, with Microsoft Visio Professional you can make accurate up – to – date diagrams quickly and easily.
  • In Visio, the association is almost from anywhere any device and uses diagrams to show real – time data.
  • With Visio professional you can do quick access to new and compelling stencils and recent used files as well as update shapes themes and effects.
  • In any organization, with Visio all the members from a team can work on the same diagram at the same time.
  • With Visio Training, you can create, collaborate and bring data to life, which leads to success in your working team.

By joining in our Microsoft Visio Online Training online experts will explain important aspects like Manipulating and customize your diagrams by using Visio.    

Conclusion of Visio Training:

 The leading online training platform Global online Trainings is also providing Visio Training from India. Students who are willing to work in Microsoft Visio after their studies and employees who are from India got positions in other countries such as USA and UK etc. are also can take our online training for Visio.

For Visio we have years of experienced trainers and they will teach all elements in Visio from the basics at an affordable fee. On client premise along with online training we are also providing Corporate Training in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune etc. For further information please go through our official website, thank you.

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