visual studio training

visual studio training Course Content

Developing .NET Business Application
  • Preparing an effective layered application architecture
  • Implementing a Visual Basic solution with the Visual Studio
  • Strong naming assemblies with Visual Studio
Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic
  • Designing classes with encapsulation
  • Coding classes with fields and public properties, methods & events
  • Instantiating objects with constructors & initializers
  • Linking objects with associations
  • Crafting classes with Visual Studio class designer
  • Creating shared, overloaded & extension methods
  • Applying inheritance
  • Identifying when to use inheritance
  • Coding the inheritance hierarchies with Inherits
  • Overriding the base class functionality with Protected, Overridable & Overrides
  • Employing polymorphism
  • Creating the abstractions with MustInherit classes
  • Attaching the Implements clause to interfaces
  • Invoking polymorphic behavior
  • Implement the INotifyPropertyChanged & IDataErrorInfo
Engaging the .NET Framework
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • CLR architecture & services
  • Managing memory & garbage collection
  • Compiling Visual Basic into Intermediate Language
  • Handling the errors with Try/Catch/Finally
  • Throwing the exceptions to enforce correct client behavior
  • Surveying the .NET Framework Class Library
  • Representing sets of data with .NET arrays & generic collections: List(Of T), BindingList(Of T)
  • Leveraging the data annotation attributes for validation
  • Matching complex patterns with Regular Expressions
  • Programming web user interfaces
  • Designing the ASP.NET web pages & adding controls
  • Working with the ASP.NET page life cycle & events
  • Integrating data access into ASP.NET
  • Constructing .NET desktop applications
  • Laying out Windows Forms & controls
  • Responding to user interface events
  • Implementing master/detail data binding
  • Displaying the data entry errors with Error Provider
Accessing the Data with Entity Framework & LINQ
  •  Connecting to databases with ADO.NET
  • Working with the Connection, Command & DataReader
  • Calling stored procedures from ADO.NET
  • Releasing disposable objects
  • Mapping objects to databases with ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Demystifying the database, model & code-first approaches
  • Automating object-relational mapping with DbContext & DbSet
  • Representing associations with foreign key mappings
  • Lazy & eager loading-related objects
  • Persisting an object graph into the database
  • Integrating query into Visual Basic with LINQ
  • Constructing the LINQ statements
  • Filtering, sorting, grouping & reshaping data: Where, Order By, Group By & Select
  • Building custom objects from LINQ queries with anonymous classes
  • Working with expression & lambda function LINQ syntax
  • Harnessing LINQ with collections & Entity Framework
Deploying Visual Basic Applications
  • Employing .NET configuration & VB My.Settings
  • Packaging the ASP.NET web applications with Visual Studio
  • Publishing Windows applications with Click Once