visualforce training

visualforce training Course Content

Creating & Listing Visualforce Pages
  • Enable Visualforce Development Mode
  • Create a Visualforce Page
  • Edit the Visualforce Page
  • Find the all Visualforce Pages
  • Alternative Page Creation
Adding Attributes & Using Auto Suggest
  • Add Attributes Using Auto-Suggest
  • Add Additional Components
  • Add Nested Components
Understanding Simple Variables & Formulas
  • Global Variables
  • Basic Formulas
  • Conditionals
Using the Standard Controllers
  • Find Identifiers of Records
  • Display Data from a Record
  • Display Other Fields
  • Display Fields from Related Records
Using Standard User Interface Components
  • Display a Record or Related Lists
  • Display Fields
  • Display a Table
Overriding & Pointing to Pages
  • Override the Standard Display for a Page
  • Embed a Page on a Standard Layout
  • Create a Button that Links to a Visualforce Page
  • Create Hyperlinks to URLs or Other Visualforce Pages
Customizing User Interface Components
  • Remove the Header & Sidebar
  • Style the HTML with CSS
  • Iterate Using Unstyled Lists & Tables
Inputting Data with Forms
  • Create a Basic Form
  • Show Field Labels
  • Display Warning & Error Messages
Reusing Pages with Templates
  • Create a Template
  • Use a Template with Another Page
  • Include One Visualforce Page within Another
Creating & Using Custom Components
  • Create a Simple Custom Component
  • Add a Custom Component to a Visualforce Page
Updating Visual force Pages with Ajax
  • Identify a Region for the Dynamic Updates
  • Add Dynamic Re-Rendering
Using Extensions to Add Functionality
  • Create a Controller Extension
  • Add an Extension to a Visualforce Page
Creating & Using Custom Controllers
  • Create a Page with a Controller
  • Add a Method to Retrieve Account Records
  • Add an Action Method to a Controller