Vm Ware Capacity Planner-online-training

VM ware Capacity Planner Online Training Course Content

VMware Capacity Planner
    • Architecture of Capacity Planner
    • Typical engagement using Capacity Planner
    • Types of assessments
Collecting Data with the Capacity Planner
    • Install the Data Collector
    • Perform discovery
    • Collect the inventory systems
    • Collect the performance data
    • Upload data to the Information Warehouse
Creating the Consolidation Scenarios
    • Define target hardware
    • Create the server groups
    • Create consolidation scenario
    • Create a virtual machine templates
Creating Reports
    • Edit the report settings
    • Run an asset information report
    • Create a custom reports
Managing Users & Access
    • Create the user groups
    • Grant access &  setting permissions
    • Set the self-service provisioning
    • Troubleshoot the data collection issues
    • Troubleshoot Dashboard