Vm Ware Infrastructure 3-online-training

Vm Ware Infrastructure 3 Course Content

Virtual Infrastructure Overview
  • virtualization & the VMware Infrastructure
  • Server consolidation & virtual machines
  • VMware VirtualCenter management interface
  • virtual network & storage components
Create a Virtual Machine
  • Create & use templates to deploy the virtual machines
  • The Automate guest operating system customization
CPU & Memory Resource Pools
  • Hierarchically allocate CPU & memory resources
  • Set VM priorities on CPU & memory resources
  • Migrate Virtual Machines Using VMotion
VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) : Clusters
  • VMware DRS cluster & resource pools
  • VMware DRS cluster automation levels
Monitoring Virtual Machine Performance
  • VMware VirtualCenter graphs to monitor virtual machine performance
  • VMware ESX Server memory management mechanisms
Performance Alarms
  • VMware High Availability (HA) Clusters
  • VMware HA cluster
  • VMware HA cluster options
  • VMware Infrastructure 3 Product & Feature Overview