VMware ThinApp-online-training

VMware ThinApp Online Training Course Content

Application Virtualization overview
    • Introduction
    • ThinApp overview, installation and configuration
    • Showcasing How to package a supported application
    • ThinApp practical packaging of clients application
Sandboxing technology and Application updates
    • ThinApp application update overview, SBmerge and other Update methods
    • ThinApp application delivery overview, MSI generation and ThinReg
    • Showcasing How to update an existing supported application
    • ThinApp practical updating an existing clients application
Architecture and Design
    • ThinApp best practices setting up package machine baseline
    • ThinApp best practices for integration with Fat Client, VDI and SBC concepts
    • ThinApp practical building application delivery architecture
Platform migration to Windows 7 using VMware ThinApp
    • ThinApp Runtime management, Relink, Scripting, Compression
    • ThinApp application delivery methods
ThinApp Application Sync (manage offline usage)
    • ThinApp AppSync overview
    • Showcasing How to configure ThinApp AppSync
    • ThinApp practical updating an application using ThinApp AppSync
ThinApp Application Link (bubble-to-bubble intercommunication)
    • ThinApp AppLink overview
    • ThinApp practical linking clients applications using ThinApp AppLink
ThinApp DirectLink
    • ThinApp DirectLink overview
    • Showcasing How to manage Internet Browser control
    • ThinApp practical manage Internet Browser control using ThinApp DirectLink
ThinApp Troubleshooting
    • ThinApp Troubleshooting overview, Log Monitor and other troubleshooting tools
    • ThinApp best practices troubleshooting a ThinApp virtual application
    • ThinApp practical virtual application troubleshooting