Web accessibility training

Web Accessibility Training Course Introduction :

Web accessibility training for different user and viewers who wants to access web in a friendly way need to pass over a misconception that the web accessibility is all about the disability but it is about the universality and it is about making something that can be used by as many people as possible in different environments with different devices and elderly with different cultural background, non English speakers and impaired abilities by considering all the disabilities of the user we need to make the websites that are easy to use for every one for example for the hearing impaired those are with limited mobility, those with reading difficulties, and also who are using handheld devices. So to make all these possible enroll and learn with subject matter experts who have real time experiences, you are just few clicks away to enroll and register with us. 

Web Accessibility Online Training Course Content

1: Understanding Web Accessibility training
  • Accessibility importance·        
  • Accessibility Myths.
  • Introduction to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and W3C’s WCAG.
2: Assertive Technology used in web accessibility training
  • About assertive technologies
  •  Accessibility software and hardware.
  • Writing Valid, Well-formed, Semantically Correct Code
  •  Introduction to validation services
  • Creating Accessible Content: Images, Audio/Video, Navigation
  • HTML accessibility elements and attributes


3: Creating Accessible Content - Tables
  • Table accessible
  • Content linearization
  • Test the readability of tables.
  • Applying the scope, id, & headers attributes.
  • WAI WCAG Priority
  • Section 508 provisions for tables.
4: Creating Accessible Content - Forms and Frames
  • Accessibility issues surrounding forms & frames.
  • Using the Input & label, field set &legend elements,& with the id, for, title, & value attributes.
5: Separating Content from Presentation / Emerging Technologies
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Making websites accessible with CSS
  • Browser support for CSS1 and CSS2.
  • CSS media types.
  • MIME types & CSS case sensitivity.
  • Putting It All Together


Why the web accessibility training  course is important??

It is important to have the content more accessible and readable for more people in various locations and viewers can read your content so that they will understand it more easily. After all , you want everyone to get your messages rightly and accessibility is also a legal requirement.The misconception goes this way that the web accessibility is not my problem but indeed web accessibility is everyone’s responsibility. We are all in this together what you do make a difference

so what do people need to perform web accessibility ?

People needs a content that is easy to read and works on different devices that is nothing but the website is portable, easy to navigate, have good design and colour contrast. The media of the website should be clear that is images and the graphs that are described well with good video caption or transcriptions have document and attachments that are in a format that can be used by everyone everywhere.

How do we come up with good web design?

Think of your audience who and whom are you writing for and who exactly will going to read the content what do they need to know  and who actually are going to read it ? what do they need to know Structure your content keeping it to be a word file and thew heading styles should be in correct order Check your language level whether it is shot and simple  also check your language level is there are a plain language summary for any policy or legislation think about the alternate options    do you have a data tables for your graph have we provide the transcripts for the video.So what you do at the start make it easier at the end so make your website or a web page effectively.