Web Intelligence Training

Web Intelligence Training

Introduction to Web Intelligence Training:

Web intelligence training has multiple phases in its life cycle. We will see the look part of life cycle which involves big data and the second phase which is Listening to the world through information. Web intelligence started with turing test which is the best known way to understand that what the level of intelligence of your system. In its group form the turing test can be played with the three parties. Global Online trainings provide best Business Objects WEBI online training by real time experts at flexible timings.

Preview of Web Intelligence Training:

Web intelligence training is a product of SAP Business objects suite. It is a reporting tool used in many of the organisations for analysing the data to meet the business requirements.


Overview of Web Intelligence Training:


  • What is a turing test? Let us say you are in a room and there is a wall in between, on one side of the wall there is a man and woman and you are on the other side acting as a judge. Now one of those person’s either man or woman will speak something and you will be judging that whether it is a male voice or a female voice. So this is the simplest form of a turing test.
  • Web Intelligence Training at Global online trainings – Now in this we can replace either of these or all of these with some machine. So let us say that now you have two machines and there is a third machine which is acting as a judge. Now it wants to identify that those machines when they are communicating then which machine it is. So there can be different parameters, there can be different characteristics on which you want to judge these two entities.
  • For example, in today’s business perspective the company’s want to judge the web surfers that whether the person who has come on my website or on my shopping portal how much money that person has whether that is a rich person or a poor person.
  • Now you may say that how somebody sitting in one part of the globe can identify somebody surfing on the internet on other part of the globe. But with the today’s technology it has become easier. It will depend up on the behaviour of that person on the internet. What kinds of words he is using, what kind of websites he is accessing, what is the pattern of different pages within a website that person is accessing, How much time he is spending on which item.
  • So these different kinds of data that can be collected from the surfing pattern of that person can differentiate that what kind of person he is. You may also want to identify and differentiate that whether a user is just surfing a website for pleasure or he is really interested in doing some shopping.
Learn Features of Web Intelligence in our Web Intelligence online training:


  • Then some companies may be interested to know that the person who has just come on their portal or website is a European or Asian or American or they want to know because then they want to target some particular advertisements or they want to throw some particular offers or items to that person and they want to customize the experience of the user based on the user’s background. If you are passionate about web intelligence, Global online trainings provide SAP Business objects Web Intelligence training with live projects.PHASES OF WEB INTELLIGENCE TRAINING
  • Then there may be other requirement where you want to identify that the person who is now interacting on the machine is a genuine or a fraud person. So you like to identify that whether a person likes a particular thing or dislikes. Whether he likes phenomena, he likes a trend or he likes news or he likes a perception that has been created on the website. So this can be used for policy making where the governments and the politicians will like to know the liking and disliking of persons for different ideas.
  • You may also like to know whether the person who is surfing on the website, who is trying to enter and login is a human or machine. So whether he is trying to use some robot to slow down enemy’s machine or he is a genuine person who is trying to login in to the website. So there are so many reasons that how you can plan and model the storing test for every machine.
Learn Life cycle of Web Intelligence in our Web Intelligence online Training:                                                   


  • Do I have your attention? These are the six different stages of a web intelligence lifecycle in web intelligence training. We can also call these as important constructs of logic formulation.
  • Look is similar to search in the technical terminology. So we are just trying to look up something that whether this thing is present or not or how many of such things are present or where it is present? So it can be compared to a Google search or some other search engine where you are trying to search some particular item. If you are interested in learning more about this course, we provide Web Intelligence training with real time scenarios. Join today in Global online trainings for best Web Intelligence Training.
  • In Web Intelligence Training,When you are done with the look part then what will you like to do is you will like to listen to that output that has come from the look part. So here comes the machine learning part. Here you will apply some machine learning algorithm where you will like to find out or experiment with different patterns in the result that has come from the look part.
  • Then you come to the learn part which is equivalent to information extraction in the computer science terminology. So you will like to extract some information that what it is all about, then we come to the connect part. It is related to the reasoning, so we have to generate or we have to correlate some reasoning that what we are trying to say how it is logical, how it is practical.
  • Web Intelligence training at Global online trainings – So once it is done then the next level is prediction which is equivalent to data mining concepts that now we want to predict for the future based on the analysis that we have done through different four phases of look, listen, learn, connect. If you are keen in doing certifications, Global online trainings provide SAP Business objects certification training.
  • In web intelligence training, Once the prediction part is done then we come to the connect part which is equivalent to the optimization concept where we want to optimize our prediction, where we want to review our prediction and give the feedback and optimize and continuously improve our prediction. So these are the corresponding phases that we have learned.
  • So we cannot say that we are waiting for web intelligence to happen in next few years that is not true. There are already so many projects which are live, which are already working and which have a lot of web intelligence built into them.
Examples: (Web Intelligence Training)


  • Let us see some examples like translate.google.com where it is possible to give a piece of literature or you give a paragraph and you choose that which particular language you want to translate. It is not an easy job there is so much of grammar, contradictions involved in every language. If you want to gain in depth knowledge about this course, we are best in providing Web Intelligence corporate training by professionals
  • A lot of background work, years of hard work has gone behind this kind of translation which is possible now. Still we have not reached 100% accuracy but we have reached the reasonable accuracy. So that is one sample of web-scale intelligence project.
  • Another milestone of web intelligence training came in 2011 when Watson Jeopardy Game against Brad and Ken. So if you don’t know what Jeopardy Game is, it is that you can ask questions to the participant from the word knowledge. So there is no limit where you can go or what you can ask.
  • So much of semantics and so much of knowledge was built in to Watson that it was able to win from the champions of that game Brad and Ken. This was the wonderful time and it was a milestone in artificial intelligence.
  • Next is facesearch.gom. If you upload an image then it can correlate the faces in the image with the existing database. This has very interesting applications. Let us say there is a person who has a disability and he cannot see so that person is blind but he also has equal ambitions as any other person.
  • So when he goes to a party then he wants to know that if there are any persons in the party who are known to him because that is what you also want.
  • When you go to a party at a new place then the first thing you see around is that whether there is any person you already know. So if a blind man goes to a party how he can use face search.com so he can just take few pictures from his or her mobile.
  • What’s the bottom line? The faces in those pictures can be compared with the existing database of his/her friends in his directory or in his mobile from a remote server and if there is any match then mobile will immediately call out that name and he can also give him the direction to reach to that particular place. So that is a wonderful application of facesearch.com

Glimpse and feel of the scale: (SAP Business Objects WEBI online training)


  • You might be wondering, Artificial intelligence training is one part of it, but there is another part of scale so that is why we say web scale intelligence because you can have intelligence in a standalone system also but when it comes to web then we have to deal with another item that is the volume of data.
  • We have over a billion Google queries daily, billions of Facebook users and facebook pages, millions of transactions per day in many organisations, millions of servers doing data crunching, thousands of megabytes of data to be handled.
  • So this has created the requirement of another kind of technology which is required to handle this scale of data along with the artificial intelligence and Machine learning training algorithms. We have to deal with this big data.
How to do Index creation? (Web Intelligence Training)


  • We all know that websites are represented by their ID in the real scenario. So if there are total n documents on the internet and there are n possible numbers of words in the list we talk about and there are W words per document. If you want to learn advance topics on this course, we provide Web Intelligence online Training with real time use cases.
  • So we had made the thing simple we think that there are W words in every document then every word needs to be read. So it becomes order n into w.
  • So every word found it needs to be looked up into the list and then corresponding website ID needs to be inserted which requires login time. So the total complexity of this first level step only becomes order o (nw logm) with the available popular data structures.
  • So if you have background in algorithms then you will easily know that this complexity is very large complexity. If you have an algorithm of this complexity you will not be able to get your search results in real time.

What are the benefits of Web Intelligence training?

The key benefit to SAP Business Objects is that the solution can grow with a company, by letting organizations to employ extra tools as essential and do away with the need to sew up together various disparate solutions that can outcome in a huge system.


Conclusion of Web Intelligence Training:

In Summary, Web Intelligence training is an extensible web based reporting system used by many of the organisations. It reports against various SAP and non-SAP data source. It consists of number of reporting applications that allow users to discover data, analyze and create the reports that visualize the insights. Thus you can easily take your career to the next level after completion of this Course. So that was about Web intelligence training. Are you ready to be a part of Web Intelligence? If yes, then start today, the world of data needs you. Global online training is rich in providing SAP Business Objects WEBI online training at an affordable price. Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!For more information please do contact our help desk.

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