Webcenter Spaces Admin-online-training

Webcenter Spaces Admin Online Training Course Content

WebCenter Portal: Spaces Architecture
    • Identifying the major components of a Webcenter Porta
    • Tasks typically done by the WebCenter Portal
    • WC Spaces implementation
Installing & Configuring WebCenter Portal: Spaces
    • Spaces installation
    • Listing the tasks required to install & configure Spaces
    • Creating necessary schemas using Repository Creation Utility
    • Installing & configuring WebCenter Portal: Spaces
Configuring Users & Security
    • Components of WebCenter Portal: Spaces security
    • Managing users & groups in an LDAP server
    • Security for a user’s Home Space
    • Setting up security for Spaces
Configuring WebCenter Portal
    • Discussions Service
    • Documents Service
Managing Pages
    • Identifying the different system pages
    • Home Space page defaults
    • User & Role access to a page
    • Creating &  deploying a Business Role page
    • Identifying the default Public pages
    • Enabling &  disabling Public access functionality
    • look & feel of Spaces
    • Customizing On-Line Help
    • Customizing the Login Page
    • Listing the ways Developers can extend WebCenter Portal
    • Deploying a customized WebCenter Portal
Configuring External Applications & Portlet Producers
    • Registering an external application
    • Adding an external application to a page
    • Registering a portlet producer
Managing Spaces
    • Portal Administration & Space pages for managing a Space security
    • Permission blocks that govern a Space security
    • Functionality of the permissions in the Space-related permission blocks
    • Taking offline & , Closing Space
    • a Exporting  & Importing a Space
Monitoring WebCenter Portal: Spaces
    • Monitor WebCenter Portal: Spaces
    • Viewing performance metrics using Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
    • WebLogic Server Administration Console
    • Fusion Middleware Control
    • Listing some common techniques for troubleshooting WebCenter Portal: Services
Spaces & Services to Use an External LDAP Store
    • Configuring WebCenter Portal: Spaces to use Oracle Internet Directory (OID) as its Identity store
    • Spaces to use Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)
    • Configuring the Documents Service & Discussion Service to use External LDAP