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Weblogic Training

weblogic Training

Introduction to Weblogic Training:

 Weblogic Training is java enterprise edition (J2EE) application server. Weblogic server supports Distributed applications like service oriented architecture(SOA) application, web services, and java application. Weblogic Application Servers are used for developing, building and deploying the web application as well as Enterprise applications. Oracle Weblogic Online Training application server is much secured. Weblogic server works like a Message oriented middle-ware server. Global Online Trainings will provide best real-time Weblogic Online Training by expert trainers.

Prerequisites of  Weblogic Online Training:

  • The basic java programming skill will be used to learn weblogic.
  • Weblogic Training is also helpful for both Database administrators and Developers.

Oracle Weblogic Online Training Course Details:

  • Course Name: Weblogic Training / Weblogic Corporate Training / Weblogic Online virtual classes
  • Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)
  • Duration of course: 30 hrs
  • Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.
  • course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 10 years+
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.



Overview of Oracle Weblogic Online Training:

  • Oracle Weblogic is application server which host enterprise application or middleware application.
  • To learn the weblogic Training has need Command or Terminal program and Java Development kit (JDK) and weblogic Installer.
  • The application which are deploy in the weblogic server that j2EE application  need some access to database using JDBC(java database connectivity) Connector.
  • Middleware have weblogic application server. We provide best Middleware online training and corporate training as well as job support at GOT. We provide best online training for many courses by expert trainers.
  • We have more frame works like spring, hibernate struts many other frames works are can use and deploy on the weblogic container.
  • Weblogic having other services like JDBC (Java Database connectivity) from weblogic.
  • Java Transaction API (JTA) transaction applications are maintained. We provide best online and corporate training for Oracle Weblogic Online Training by real-time trainers. 
  • Java Connection Adaptors (JCA) weblogic is supporting that Java Connection Adaptors on the weblogic server. We can take any service from server on demand.
  • Weblogic Training server has two containers. One is Web container, second one is EJB Container.
  • Web container handles this HTTP request which will be serving HTML/XML, JSP Servlets programs which are developed by java developers. To develop the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM) we provide also  WebMethods Training.

Webmethods with Weblogic:

  • Centralized Management of webmethods training Environment using Command Central.
  • Webmethods designer is single IDE for an entire webmethod suite and it is based on Eclipse
  • Integration is creating links between application and services.
  • We have two types of integration. One is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) the second one is Business to Business (B2B).
  • In the market middleware technologies available which are having their own responsibilities.
  • Webmethods Training is one of the most outstanding integration tools. We provide best WebMethodes training. We also provide best corporate training with individual batches for many courses. 

Why Weblogic Training?

Weblogic Training info

  • Weblogic Course is the JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) application server d
    esigned for continuous applications like flip-kart, amazon applications because these application servers are never stop to work.
  • We can expand weblogic capabilities using the scalabity.we can increase the number of servers at any point of time without stopping business environment.
  • Weblogic Training is Enterprise –ready. Always it is focused on all enterpris

  • es to spread across multiple environments to enterprise level applications.
  • It is supports the deployment of many types of distributed applications like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)application, web-services, and java application which are developed for specific purpose are deployed in weblogic Training.
  • Global Online Trainings provides Best Latest version Weblogic corporate Training with good material and course related videos.

Protocols supported in Weblogic Course:

HTTP: HTTP is web request what are updating in presentation logic i.e. used http request.

SSL: For secured transactions like money transaction we use http plus ssl protocol i.e. https.

SOAP: Some of the applications require web services SOA implementation there is we required a SOAP protocol. It is nothing but http plus web service support protocol.

RMI: Java to java communication will happen through RMI protocol.RMI is one weblogic server is talking with another weblogic server.RMI protocol is called as T3 protocol.

IIOP: Oracle Weblogic server talk to tomcat server or some other server we use IIOP Protocol.IIOP is across platform protocol.

SNMP: SNMP is used for monitoring entire enterprise application. 

Weblogic server focuses on some of strategies:
  • Providing highly protective development Environment
  • Militenancy for utilization.
  • High availability and performance.
  • Cloud scale management and operations

Weblogic Features Training:

Ease of use: Weblogic server is very user friendly which is having scripting methodologies and Script command methodologies, console methodologies.

Leading e commerce OLTP platform: Oracle Weblogic is the leading e-commerce Online Transaction platform (OLTP).It is transaction handling process.

Leading Distributed computing Environment: weblogic is highly distributed application server. It is supports the deployment of many types of distributed applications.

Secure and Robust: Weblogic application server is very secured application and it is very effective application server.

High availability: we combined all servers it one and we can distribute across different location. If one server using another server is available to use so we can say weblogic server is high availability.

Supports wide range of standards: weblogic have different software connectivity or application connectivity work for many different applications like apache server and web servers are there.We provide best Oracle weblogic 12c corporate Training.

  • Weblogic is giving better performance than JEE Servers.
  • It provides the efficient monitoring and management.

Weblogic Administrator Tasks:

Installation: One machine installed one time it will keep gWeblogic-Administrator-Tasksoing for years. That will be stable. It is one time activity.

Configuring: The configuration of the service to create weblogic domain (means group of web logic servers called domain) environment is one-time activity. This configuration is one-time activity. In domain configuration, we have administrator server, Managed Server, Cluster, Machines, Node Manager.

Configuration of services: JDBC, JTA, JMS, Bridges are part of a weblogic domain with we are going to request. These services are configured to different services respectively. It is not a one-time activity. We need to connect different databases. It is the repetitive task.

Deploying: The application changes very frequently to enhancement features. Web applications, EJB applications of deploying or redeploying or deploying are done. This is frequently changed activity.

Stop/Start of Weblogic servers: controlling of system is under Administrator hand only.

Pro Active monitoring & trouble shooting: Pro active monitoring in live environment, production environment what problem is that is checked. We provide best latest update and related courses for Weblogic 12c Training. 

Basics of weblogic server Training:

  • Domain
  • Server/Admin Server
  • Managed server
  • Node Manager
Domain Weblogic Server:

Once we start using oracle weblogic server is to create a domain. A domain is unique. Logically the domains are differentiated into two types. one is production domain and another one is development domain.

  • The Production domain supports production environment.Weblogic Server training
  • The development domain supports the development environment

Domain configuration is represented in two ways.

  • One is the config file. On the file system by a set of XML configuration files like Config.xml.
  • Another way is which is represented in a hierarchy is Memory JMX Objects for each of this configuration which you can create at the runtime.

Whenever do any changes in a domain it is a two-phase process. When to do activate the changes either the changes get accepted by all the servers in the domain then only the changes move forward otherwise will be rollback.  

Weblogic Managed Server:

we can configure managed server in three ways.

  • Domain Configured wizard
  • Administration Console
  • Weblogic Command Line(WLST)

Domain Configured wizard: During Domain creation, one of the options you can use is to create one or more managed servers.

Administration Console: Another way of creating Managed server is through the Weblogic Administration console.

Weblogic Command Line (WLST): This is another way of Creating Managed server. When have to roll out a large number of weblogic servers this Weblogic Scripting tool is very useful. Weblogic command line is also called as weblogic Scripting Tool (WLST). 

Server/Admin Weblogic Server:
  • Admin server runs on the weblogic server Administration console. Every domain has one admin server. This Admin server controls the complete domain.
  • This is responsible for communicating with administrators. The admin server is Unique and it is a leader of a domain configuration.
 Node Manager of Weblogic:
  • Oracle Weblogic Online Training provides two versions of node one is java based and another one is script based. These nodes are having the same functionality and but different configuration.
  • Java-based node runs on Java virtual machine (JVM).And Script based node manager runs on UNIX or Linux based systems and uses SSH for increased security.
  • Node manager is weblogic server is used to start and stop the managed server and Admin Server. Global Online Trainings provide the best Oracle WebLogic Online Training by top trainers. We also provide Orcale WebLogic Online Training related courses like Tibco AMX BPM Training, Tibco Spotfire Training,  Websphere MQ Training.

Weblogic Active-matrix BPM:

As TIBCO AMX BPM Training   is a process of a workflow. It is a series of steps or activities. Early workflow software focused mainly on enabling users to map out such processes in a visually and execute them in order to achieve automation with the goal of improving efficiency.

  • The Business Works product allows you to create services and integrate applications.
  • After you automate a business process with BPM software you still need visibility into current activities or processes.
  • Because people view processes differently. They want to explore the details in order to spot performance issue and figure out how to fix the issue. And the other related course are oracle Weblogic Training
  • While Normal BPM software shows everyone the same performance dashboards Tibco Active-matrix Spotfire delivers insight people can use to optimize performance
  • The ability to see the specific details can suggest specific actions to take. GOT provide Weblogic Online Courses Training with related courses at reasonable price from India by expert trainers. 
  • The interface which is on top of multiple data sources allows people to interact with the business process performance data visually using filters created by Spotfire based on the data.

Tibco Spotfire with Weblogic:

Tibco Spotfire Training is both analytics and business intelligence.It’s client application which focuses on the creation of imaginative data or visualization the possibility of reading very power data visualization from real-time business activities

  • the monitoring big data, database decisions it comes very easy because of that and includes high efficiency, scalability, and security.
  • It is an adventure enterprise-class analytics and data discovery platform. which allows customers to perform in-depth analysis of data using statistics.
  • Tibco Spotfire it’s an analytical tool or decision maker which helps the customers to perform in-depth analysis of the data. And the other related course for Tibco spotfire is Weblogic.

WebSphere MQ in WebLogic:

we have other integration tools that are Oracle Weblogic, WebSphere process server (WPS) its a one of the module of WebSphere Training, BizTalk, Data stage, Oracle fusion etc.Acquired to search for particular variables and identify all the variables and identify all the references to those variables in code base improving in dependency Management. And the other related course is Oracle Weblogic Training

  • Oracle Weblogic application server which host enterprise application or middleware application.
  • You need to manage the environment failover in-memory replication for HTTP sessions for Websphere and weblogic
  • you can have Data Base persistence and failover for HTTP sessions and the Data Base persistence with websphere we provide HTTP persistence in DB2 we support the Data Base
  • But the difference was websphere we give free DB2 license was JBoss or weblogic you have to purchase the DB if you are using D.B persistence which ill says yes that adds cost to Oracle and JBoss.
  • Now you need JDK with oracle weblogic and websphere you will get free JDK which is supported out of the box solution.
Conclusion of Oracle Weblogic Online Training:

GOT provides the Best Weblogic training with online and corporate training from India with all required aspects and along with reasonable price. We provide individual batches for corporate training from our top trainers. We also provide classroom training at client premises noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. Weblogic Course online training and also job support with latest industry updates at Global online trainings. In this tutorial is prepared with best industry updates and we are ready to solve any issues within time. Our team will be available for 24/7 online support. To know more benefits of Weblogic, join Oracle Weblogic Online Training at Global Online Trainings.


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