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Weblogic Training


Introduction to WebLogic Training:

Web Logic is also a Java Enterprise Edition application server. It is a software application launched by Oracle Corporation. It is foremost e-commerce online transaction processing platform, lets you to quickly build up and run reliable, secure, scalable and controllable applications. So, you can focus on business logic and presentation, why because it manages system-level operations. Global Online Trainings provide Web Logic 12c Administrator Training by real-time industry experts.  Our Web Logic 12c Administration Training will make you an expert in maintaining web logic domains. Our trainers are Oracle Web logic certified experts. We also provide Classroom Training as well as Corporate Training for WebLogic Server at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Learn from Industry Experts and Master in Web Logic 12c Training. Join Today!


Web Logic Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: Web Logic Training

Mode of training: Global Online Trainings provide both Online Training and Corporate Training for Web Logic Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Web Logic Course Materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track!


What are the prerequisites to learn Web Logic Training?

Before going to start your career with Web Logic Online Training first you must be familiar with some prerequisites. They are

  • Basic knowledge of java programming
  • Knowledge on web server administration principles
  • Knowledge on Servlet and JSP to design web applications
  • The basic idea of how web applications work
  • Knowledge on RDB (Relational Database) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • Basic knowledge of JDBC, JPA, and JMS
  • Minimum knowledge on Linux Commands

Web Logic 12c Administration Training at Global Online Trainings will teach you from basic level to advanced techniques. Join with us and develop your career skills in Web Logic Server.




Overview of Oracle Weblogic Online Training:

  • Today, all companies need web and e-commerce applications to run their businesses smoothly. So with the increasing demand for web and e-commerce applications speed up your presence in the new markets and help you to find out the new ways to attain customer. Also, it makes you bring new products and services very faster.
  • A reliable e-commerce platform is needed to design and develop these new products. To empower the business growth, these new products design must be connected with all type of users and integrate your business data, applications with a powerful,  flexible and end-end e-commerce solution. Your e-commerce solutions must provide the best performance, high scalability, and high availability to manage significant enterprise data.
  • For all these Web Logic servers is a perfect answer. We can say as Web Logic 12c server is topmost e-commerce internet transaction process. Mainly the Web Logic 12c Server capability lets you to rapidly build up and run the business applications with trust, safe, scalable and controllable. Don’t miss this opportunity! Learn Web Logic Server at Global Online Trainings.
  • Web Logic Server is capable of supporting Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL, Oracle DB2, Mysql, JDBC, and JMS databases. Also, Web Logic Server is a java based application contains Data Mapping and Business Process Management.

What Web Logic Server?WebLogic-Administration-Server

I think everyone has a question about the Web Logic Server.  But actually, Web Logic servers are developed by Oracle and it acts as a center where the front end user interface and backend database are connected. Application servers are always judged by their facilities. They are high availability, scalability, performance, database connectivity, and control on the physical condition of application. Web Logic servers can automate multi system-level tasks. So they are highly demanded. Want to know more?  Join in web logic training at Global Online Trainings.


What are the basic things in Web Logic Server?

  • Domain Server or Admin Server
  • WebLogic Managed server
  • Node Manager

Let me explain one by one clearly.

Domain Server or Admin Server:
  • Once we start using Oracle web logic server first we need to create a domain. A domain is unique. Logically the domains are differentiated into two types. One is the production domain and another one is the development domain.
  • The Production domain supports the production environment. While the development domain supports the development environment.

Domain configuration is represented in two ways. 

  • One is the config file. On the file system by a set of XML configuration files like Config.xml.
  • Another way is which is represented in a hierarchy is Memory JMX Objects for each of this configuration which you can create at the runtime.
Web Logic Managed Server:

We can configure the managed server in three ways. 

  • Domain configured wizard: During domain creation, one of the options you can use is to create one or more managed servers.
  • Administration Console: Another way of creating a Managed server is through the Web logic Administration console.
  • Web logic Command Line (WLST): Web logic command line is also called a web logic Scripting Tool (WLST). In this, we have to roll out a large number of web logic servers and finally, we can say as this Web logic Scripting tool is very useful.
Node manager:
  • Web Logic node manager contains two types. One is java based and another one is script based. These nodes are having the same functionality and but different configuration.
  • Java-based node runs on Java virtual machine (JVM). And Script based node manager runs on UNIX or Linux based systems and uses SSH for increased security.
  • Node Manager is a web logic server is used to start and stop the managed server and Admin Server.

Learn the features of Web Logic Server at Web Logic Training:

  • Ease of use: Web logic server is very user-friendly which is having scripting methodologies and Script command methodologies, console methodologies.
  • Leading e-commerce OLTP platform: Oracle Web logic is the leading e-commerce Online Transaction platform (OLTP). It is the transaction handling process.
  • Leading Distributed computing Environment: web logic is highly distributed application server. It supports the deployment of many types of distributed applications.
  • Secure and Robust: Web logic application server is very secured application and it is a very effective application server.
  • High availability: We combined all servers it one and we can distribute across the different location. If one server using another server is available to use so we can say web logic server is high availability.
  • Supports a wide range of standards: Web logic has different software connectivity or application connectivity work for many different applications like apache server and web servers are there. We provide the best Oracle web logic 12c corporate Training.
  • Web logic is giving better performance than JEE Servers.
  • It provides efficient monitoring and management.

These are the fewer things about Web Logic Server. You can learn more in Web logic Training at Global Online Trainings. Join immediately!


Protocols supported in Web Logic server:

Here lets we discussed protocols that supported in Web Logic Server.


HTTP is web request what is updating in presentation logic i.e. used HTTP request.


For secured transactions like money transaction we use HTTP plus SSL protocol i.e. https.


Some of the applications require web services SOA implementation there is we required a SOAP protocol. It is nothing but HTTP plus web service support protocol.


Java to java communication will happen through the RMI protocol.RMI is one web logic server is talking with another web logic server. RMI protocol is also called a T3 protocol.


Oracle Web logic server talks to tomcat server or some other server we use IIOP Protocol. IIOP is across platform protocol.


SNMP is used for monitoring the entire enterprise application.


Learn about Web Logic Administrator tasks in Web Logic server:

Installation: One machine installed one time it will keep going for years.  That will be stable. It is a one-time activity.

Configuring: The configuration of the service to create web logic domain (means group of web logic servers called domain) environment is a one-time activity. This configuration is a one-time activity. In domain configuration, we have administrator server, Managed Server, Cluster, Machines, Node Manager.

Configuration of services: JDBC, JTA, JMS, Bridges are part of a web logic domain with we are going to request. These services are configured to different services respectively. It is not a one-time activity. We need to connect to different databases. It is a repetitive task.

Deploying: The application changes very frequently to enhancement features. Web applications, EJB applications of deploying or redeploying or deploying are done. This is frequently changed activity.

Stop/Start of Web logic servers: controlling of the system is under Administrator hand only.

ProActive monitoring & troubleshooting: Proactive monitoring in the live environment, production environment what problem is that is checked. We provide best latest update and related courses for Web logic 12c Training.


Learn the differences between Tomcat and Web Logic in Web Logic Training:

Tomcat is a web server owned by Apache software foundation while web logic is an application server owned by Oracle Corporation.  There are a few major differences between Tomcat Server and Web Logic Server. Let’s see the differences.

Web Logic Server: First, Web Logic Server was developed by BEA Systems. Then after, it’s owned by Oracle Corporation. Web logic server uses Java programming language to handle system functionalities and also provide a lot of services for easy development of the business. So, we can say Web Logic Server is one of the best server available in the industry nowadays.

Tomcat Server:  Because of owned by Apache Software Foundation we also called Tomcat server like Apache Tomcat Server while it works on Servlet and JSP then the web logic server also run on Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).

Get an overview of in Web Logic Training at Global Online Trainings. We also provide WebLogic Server Administration 11g & 12c Training. Get ready to join us!


What are the Objectives of Web Logic Training at Global Online Training?

To lead a successful career as a software developer or IT Professional you must be aware of software development processes, Application design models, enterprise application architectures, Web services, security, network and more. Always improve your progress from experienced professionals. This will help you while you are driving technologies without Expert guidance.

Today all businesses need skilled web logic professionals who are familiar with the latest version of Web Logic 12c. They also need people who are an expert in Oracle Web Logic Server.

So, below are the career objectives as well as the Web Logic Expert should have the ability to:

  • Handle and support the applications running on the Web Logic server
  • Web Logic experts able to handle the other business applications which run on Java-based platform.
  • Have the ability to understand integration with cloud and performance tune Web Logic server
  • Handle the Oracle Web Logic Server  troubleshooting
  • In-depth knowledge on Web Logic server and how it works
  • Understand the working process of Garbage collection
  • Deep overview of real-time scenarios of Web Logic Server

Our Web Logic Training course at Global Online Trainings is a deep course designed for the students who want to start their career in Web Logic Server. We provide quality Web Logic 12c Administrator Training with real-time scenarios. The above all career objectives you can learn with Global Online Trainings.


Conclusion of Web Logic Training:

Web Logic Server is a world’s best cloud platform to run on java programming language satisfies you by providing the full benefits of cloud computing. Global Online Trainings provide WebLogic Server Certification after completion of WebLogic Online Training. By the end of this Oracle WebLogic12c course, you will be able to build a strong foundation in planning, installing and configuring applications on WebLogic Server.


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