Websphere integration developer Training Course Content



  • Course introduction, logistics & agenda
  • Integration using service oriented architecture
  • Overview of IBM WebSphere Process Server
  • Overview of IBM WebSphere Integration Developer
  • Overview of Service Component Architecture
  • Exercise: Invoking a Web service
  • Business objects
  • Exercise: Creating the businessobjects, business graphs & shared interfaces for an Integration application
  • Business process choreography overview
  • Exercise: Creating a business process in integration application
  • IBM WebSphere Business Integration adapters
  • Exercise: Incorporating a WebSphere Business Integration adapter into an integration application
  • IBM WebSphere (JCA) adapter
  • Exercise: Incorporating WebSphere (JCA) adapter into an integration application
  • Interface mapping & business object mapping
  • Exercise: Creating interface maps & business object maps in an integration application
  • Relationships
  • Exercise: Defining an identity relationship in integration application
  • Business rules
  • Exercise: Creating the business rules in integration application
  • Selectors
  • Exercise: Creating a selector in integration application
  • Business state machines
  • Exercise: Creating a business state machine in integration application
  • Human tasks
  • Exercise: Creating a human task in integration application
  • Debugging & deploying integration applications
  • Exercise: Using debug mode to step through breakpoints in integration application
  • Common Event Infrastructures
  • Exercise: Monitoring an integration application using the Common Event Infrastructure