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Worksoft Certify Training

Worksoft certify training

Introduction to Worksoft Certify Training:

One of the main usability goals of  Worksoft Certify Training was to be able to make the creation and execution of functional tests available not just the very technical programmers or scripters as with traditional tools but to put it into the hands of business analysts and end-users and to do so in a way that allows them to rapidly do functional testing even if it’s not part of their full-time job. Global Online Trainings provides Worksoft Certify testing tool training  by industry experts at flexible timings.

Mode of Training: Worksoft Certify Training Online Training/Worksoft Certify Training Corporate Training/Worksoft Certify Training Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement)..

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Worksoft Certify Training .

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.


Basic Training for SAP GUI and SAP Portal/HTML COURSE CONTENT


Overview of Worksoft Certify Training:

  • The user interface very much resembles Microsoft outlook, on the left hand side are a series of button which take you to the major functional areas of certify. Requirements  and processes represent the definition and creation of business processes themselves. Variables  and data represent the test data and different scenarios. The more test data that you can apply to a process the more coverage you get and therefore the more bang for your buck.
  • Results are where the results of every test execution are stored and these results along with everything else in Worksoft Certify Training are stored in a central database. Keeping past test results aids in the generation of valuable reports and trends and for retrieving important information about every prior test run.
  • I think its important in Worksoft Certify Training to mention right up front that this ease of use is not the only consideration that helps aid in the distribution of  test responsibilities. The most important is that unlike other testing tools Worksoft Certify Training requires no scripting whatsoever and you will see how our technology is able to accomplish this as we go through the demo.
  • Now having said all that probably the best way to see Worksoft Certify Training is to just jump in and create a quick test process together.We provide certification for software testing tool training by senior consultants.
  • Worksoft Certify testing tool training at Global Online Trainings-SAP implementations take a number of forums, the initial rollout may dedicate as much of a third of the overall project to testing behind analysis and development. As you move to upgrades testing continues to increase because now you have to test the existing processes from a regression point of view as well as whatever features and capabilities are included in the upgrade.
  • As you move to the modifications testing continues to increase as new functionality is added and for service packs and fixes practically the entire project might be testing simple because the functionality hasn’t changed. You still have to verify that it’s functional against the new software.
  • As you can see Testing is always a significant part of any SAP implementation and in some cases cam be the majority. This presents a number of challenges first, testing is highly repetitive , each implementation type may have numerous iterations before it’s actually  delivered.Global Online Trainings provides classroom training at client premises noida Bangalore Gurgaon hyderabad Mumbai Delhi Pune for Worksoft Certify testing tool training at flexible timings.
  • The testing is very complex SAP itself ofcourse is very rich with functionality and you have to test long end-to-end business processes that may span a number of different components and modules as well as interact with intricate business and data rules that govern their behaviour. This whole process is very time consuming because its labour intensive and tedious and unfortunately it consumes your best people. The business process experts that understand how it is expected to function and what the business processes are expected to provide this introduces a great deal of risk.

Benefits of Worksoft Certify Training:

  • SAP is tight integration, increases the probability and exposure that there are unintended consequences from change and if you are testing manually with the number of cases required. You simply can’t cover everything. Our value proposition is very simple first and foremast we deliver speed. Speed to market and Speed to value. By automating the execution  of your test processes we can accelerate the delivery of new SAP components upgrade service packs and fixes by up to  60%. In Worksoft Certify Training,Global Online Trainings provide in depth knowledge about web testing tool training  at your convenient timings.
  • Worksoft Certify Training at Global Online Trainings-This helps to reduce your backlog and achieve the value that you are seeking much more quickly we also improve reliability by actually executing and proving that your end-to-end business processes are accurate and available every single time a change is made.
  • You can deliver not only faster but with much more confidence because Worksoft Certify Training also maintains documentation  automatically as well as  a detailed audit trail of all test results. You can support your change control and governance practices with a repository of  proof that shows that you did tests and what the results were and finally our reusable business process repository gives you intelligence that you can re purpose for things like training documentation or even loading data and other task automation.
  • This gives you a knowledge repository  that can be transferred over resources and over time works off delivers speed in Worksoft Certify Training. First of all through the implementation process it’s very rapid because you start with an entire library of SAP. Best practices already  written for you. All you have to do is introduce your own configuration changes and data go straight to execution. Like Worksoft certify Training,Automation tools training is used for testing the software for web applications. Automation tools training is used to manage the execution of tests and the assessment of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes.
  • The execution is fully automated in Worksoft Certify Training and it’s unattended. So you can verify your end-to-end processes in Worksoft Certify Training. Every time for every change and you will know certainly that your recovery is reliable and repeatable because it’s automated and finally these assets stored in our central shared repository.
  • What that means is that they can be not only shared across different SAP implementations in different teams and groups but also every time a change is made we have a relational capability to do automated impact analysis that means when you make a change we can instantly tell you the impact of that change on of your business processes and automatically maintain them to accommodate the differences to show you work soft in action. Selenium testing training is also used for testing the enterprise applications similar to Worksoft certify training.It is an open source automation testing for web applications across many platforms.
  • You are going to watch an order to cache execution being a business process being executed what you are going to see is we are going to create a sales order, create the delivery instruction go in and change those then create a transfer order confirm that order post, the goods for delivery create the billing document and display and verify the sales order in Worksoft Certify Training.
  • You are going to see all of that happen in under a minute and a half and actually we have slowed that down for you, if we ran it for real it would take about 45 seconds and by the way for a customer to do  what we are about to see it can take as many as two days for all the different pieces to be done.
Record Set Filters in Worksoft certify Training:      

During any test automation scenario we need to minimize further hard-coded values to keep our script as dynamic as possible. This not only helps us in developing the script  but also helps us in maintaining the script at a later point of time. So as all of you are aware we use variables for this purpose. So these are basic data containers which are used to store values which are used during execution by a script. But in real time scenarios when we are talking about a long and complex script it is very important to handle these variables carefully and efficiently so in worksoft certify layout and record sets can be understood as data structures where we keep the collection of variables.

Conclusion of Worksoft certify training :

Worksoft certify training validate end-to-end business processes across all enterprise applications.Global online trainings provide Worksoft certify corporate training at an affordable cost by industry experts.There is a huge demand for Worksoft certify training.Our innovative design also removes the learning curve requirement, no code is ever  written generated or maintained in work soft solution. This means that you don’t have to have technical experts write or develop or maintain code. You can rely on your business process experts to learn our point and click interface to introduce their business process configuration changes changes and data and go straight to execution.

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