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Introduction to WSUS Training:

WSUS Training at Global Online Training-The WSUS Server will download updates from Microsoft while the client will download the updates from the WSUS Server. This means large downloads like services packs are only downloaded once over the WAN connection. When deploying WSUS on a large network, you should try and place your WSUS Servers with reference to your network topology. Global Online Trainings provide Windows Server Updates Services online Training and Corporate training at flexible timings by industry experts.

Mode of Training: WSUS Online Training/WSUS Corporate Training/WSUS Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement)..

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for WSUS training

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.

Overview Of WSUS Training:

  • On a  large network it is not uncommon  for only one WSUS training server to access the internet  and replicate updates to the other WSUS servers at other sites. In some cases it makes more sense for the WSUS server to access the windows update server directly.
  • Microsoft WSUS developed by Microsoft corporation, previously known by SUS .Consider a very small office in the UK with only two computers. In this case you would want WSUS training to determine which updates the computer can install but it is simply not worth installing a WSUS server at that location or downloading the updates from head office.
  • This brings us to the next main reason for installing WSUS training is to approve or  decline updates or in other words, control how updates are installed in your organization.
  • WSUS training allows you to optimize downloading of your updates and also control which updates are installed. To do this, WSUS training allows you to create groups You are free to create whatever group you require but often organisations will create a group for testing updates, a pilot group and a production group.

Architecture of WSUS Training:

  • Choosing the architecture for  your Windows Server update services, most of the time is going to have to do with how many clients you have to support but it can also have to do with the geographic location of your clients.
  • Are they all in one particular network in one office? Or Are they in multiple local networks in multiple geographic locations connected by WAN links most likely VPN or Are they completely separate from each other .
  • All of these factors will affect your architecture. The most simple architecture is going to be the standalone windows server update services with the standalone database on it.
  • The next architecture we are going to look at has to do with having multiple Windows Server Update Services Servers and they are in  what’s called an upstream and a downstream configuration.
  • Basically you have your Windows server update service connecting to Microsoft update one of them and then you have a downstream WSUS Server that connects to your upstream WSUS server to get its information so get to get the updates this can actually save on internet bandwidth because you don’t have multiple WSUS servers going out through the internet to get your updates.
  • Windows Server Training can support up to 10,000 user accounts so I mean that’s a lot of user accounts. So when we start talking about the server operating systems we talk about windows server 2000, Windows server 2003 or Windows server 2008. These operating systems are  optimized to be servers.
  • You only got one going out and then your other WSUS servers pool their updates and information from this WSUS server and then your clients can connect to each WSUS server to get their updates.
  • Now this could be a situation where let’s say this WSUS server is in a separate office and this connection  here  is through a VPN or they could be on the same local area network.
  • But let’s  say they were on different local area network so this WSUS server was on a completely different local area network. So this WSUS Server was on a completely different local area network and they  were connected by a VPN.
Features of Windows Server Updates Services online Training:
  • Even though Microsoft goes to quiet a lot of effort to test their updates, problems can occur if updates and other software on your computer have compatibility problems.
  • Creating a pilot groups so you can so you can first test the updates on your network and hopefully stop, or at least minimize potential problems on your network.
  • Currently the most recent version of WSUS Training is version3 with service pack2. In order to install WSUS , you need be running one of the following server operating system Windows server 2008 R2/Windows server 2008 with SP1.
Benefits of WSUS Training:
  • WSUS also supports  windows server 2012 r2  as well as Windows small business server 2008/2003 and windows server 2003 with Service pack1 and WSUS patching process.
  • There are also number of prerequisites to run WSUS training. First you need to have installed dot net framework 2.0
  • Well you wouldn’t want your clients going over the VPN to pull their updates because that would take a lot of time and a lot of internet bandwidth so that’s why you have your other WSUS server over here and it just pulls it once, that is pulls the updates once from your primary WSUS server your  upstream WSUS server.
  • If they were on the same local area network you may have just to handle the load. You may have a lot of clients, you have to deal with or maybe your server is not as powerful so  you need two of them to handle the load.
Conclusion of WSUS Training :

WSUS helps in enabling the administrators to manage the distribution of updates.Global online trainings provide WSUS Corporate training by senior consultants.So basically we have Microsoft update here inside of our firewall is going to be our local area network. Here is our Windows Server Update Services server and our client simply connect to it. This is very simple just one server, it has everything on it. WSUS introduces number of new features as it has new back end which was implemented by Microsoft. Global Online Trainings provide in depth knowledge about WSUS training by senior consultants.



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