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Introduction of Xamarin Training

The Global online trainings provides the Xamarin Training and we have topmost trainers for Android development or with any Android course start from scratch apart from some basic C-Sharp Knowledge. Hope you all used an Android device and you know the concepts of the Operating System and even if you don’t have any Knowledge or you heard about summer of Android of that you covered. After Included In the second module of this Training and lets look  at the most important concept  in Android and that is Activities Not to Spoil anything here but the end of the Training will be seeing activities Even while you’re sleeping.now  how  you can add more integration with some features offered by Android from your app more. The Android App’s is Built Up Most of the Activities.



Xamarin Training Course Outline:

  • Program Name: Xamarin Training/Xamarin Corporate Training/Xamarin Online virtual classes
  • Course Duration:  35 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • System Access: will be provided
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

The Functionalists will be Written inside of an activity and along with this activities. And how we can build up the visual part of the app and that will be inside of a view. 

The view in  Xamarin Android are created using XML and Xamarin background after moved to Android is not that difficult.  how we can work with list-based Layout many Applications are using lists. The view is to display All Kinds of data what you stored in your Android App.  Now  how can we add more integration with some features offered by Android from your app more specifically  and we can take pictures from app inside of your Application and then finally your app is ready  to share your work with a world.

Learn the Basics of Xamarin training

Now Xamarin Training before you can deploy your Application to the store such as adding the correct organs or creating the correct application package in the Last module of the training and smaller things that you need to do before deploy you are applications to millions of devices. I want to be fully clear on the Assumptions.

  •  Assuming that you are familiar with C-Sharp Xamarin is entirely based on C sharp and for this Training is using C sharp for all code samples. You don’t have to be a visit to C-sharp either If you have Never used C-Sharp before l recommend watching one of the many great courses.
  • I expect that you have at least seen an Android and that you have at a basic level perhaps played around already with the operating system.
  • This isn’t really necessary it will help you understand some the concepts that we will be adding to our Application soon. Now we want to focus on the phone experiences but if you have played around with an android tablet no problem the end-user experiences is roughly the same finally what I do expect is that you want to leverage.
  •  What you already know if you know c-sharp know if you know.net you know visual studio then this training will allow you to leverage that knowledge to built apps for Android. It’s a safe zone to Assume you all fall in this category.
  • Xamarin is a commercial product and it requires a license but it has one month free trial version for Xamarin business edition and after expires your trial period you can continue using it in the free version known as Xamarin started edition everything and it even it comes with the license that allows you to publish your app in the store you

Learn about an installation of  Xamarin

The installation of Xamarin

To install at Xamarin Android development on your pc as Xamarin is a basically a large plug-in for visual studio it will also take care of installing the required Android SDK’s and some Google emulators it will also install Xamarin studio an IDE from the creators of Xamarin if you don’t have visual studio installed and you can do all your development work in this IDE as well

Learn about Xamarin forms in Xamarin Training

Xamarin forms is a library that enables you to build native apps for IOS android and windows using a single c# apps codebase and if you have any experiences with windows presentation foundation or silver light Xamarin forms will be very familiar to you.

  • We have this XML-based language called XAML-based language and it stands for extensible application markup language and we use this to define the user interface of our application
  • For Example
  • We can define what elements we have on a page where they are located and what do they look like. Behind every XAML file we have a code-behind which is basically a class that implements the behavior for that page. After when we click the button an item in the list to select these are the responsibilities of the code-behind

Learn about the architecture of  Xamarin forms

The term architecture of  Xamarin forms is built on top of two existing libraries Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.IOS and we works with the Xamarin forms with single Unified API for creating user interfaces and Xamarin forms will internally map these user interface elements to their corresponding native equivalent and this makes our applications completely native and we don’t have user interface elements that looks the same across different platforms if you use a button that button looks different  depending on where you run application because Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.IOS.

  • You can write platforms specific code that uses the API Exposed by any of these libraries and you are not limited to a common set features that are available across all these Platforms
  • If you want to write something specific for android or IOS otherwise, for the most part, you can learn Xamarin forms on its Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.IOS.


  • If you have windows machine you can built and deploy Apps to Android and windows but not IOS for that you need Mac or Mac Book on the other side if you are a Mac user you can build apps for Android and IOS but not windows and if you want to target all platforms you need both Windows and Mac machine.
  • Its all about where you want to deploy your applications you can start with a windows machine and use visual studios to build an app for Android and windows

Overview of  Xamarin Training

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