Xsl  Training

Introduction to XSL Training Course:

Extensible Stylesheet Language in short called as XSL,  It is an style sheet language for the  XML documents. The extensible Stylesheet Language is the preferred style sheet language of XML, & the XSL is far more sophisticated than the CSS  used by HTML. The XSLT stands for XSL Transformations. The XML does not use the pre-defined tags, &  therefore the meaning of each tag is not well understood. For example : A <table> element could indicate an HTML table, a piece of furniture, or something else – and browsers do not know how to display it! So here the XSL plays an important role, So XSL describes how the XML elements should be displayed. As a part of XSL Training course  you will learn how to use XSLT to transform XML documents into other formats, like XHTML, etc. The XML as chartered included the three major components as follows: language; linking; and style.


XSL Online Training Course Content

XSL Basics
  • eXtensible Stylesheet Language
  • XSL Stylesheet
  • Output Types
  • XSL Elements and Attributes
  • XPath
  • XPath in XSL
  • XPath Expression
  • XPath Terminology
  • Location Paths
  • Axis
  • Node Test
  • Predicate
  • Accessing Nodes
  • Abbreviated Syntax
  • XPath Functions
  • XPath Operators
Flow Control in XSL
  • Looping in XSL
  • Sorting with XSL
  • Looping and Sorting
  • Conditions with XSL
XSL Templates, Parameters and Variables
  • xsl:apply-templates
  • xsl:call-template
  • Passing Parameters
  • Removing Content
  • Template Modes
  • Template Priority
  •  XSL Variables
Multiple XML and XSL Documents
  • Including XSLs
  • Importing XSLs
  • Conflict resolution
  • The document() Function
Working with Keys
  • Key Basics
  • Advanced XSL Techniques
  • Working with Numbered Lists
  • Outputting Processing Instructions
  • Copying Nodes