Yahoo User Interface Training

Introduction To Yahoo User Interface Training Course:

 Yahoo User Interface  in short called as  YUI  & it is pronounced Y-U-I.  The YUI includes several core CSS resources. It is available under the  BSD License. Development of YUI began in the year 2005 &Yahoo! properties such as My Yahoo! &  the Yahoo! front page began using YUI in the summer of that year.  The YUI  is a  open source JavaScript & CSS library developed primarily by YUI includes the JavaScript utilities, the CSS framework  (reset, grid, & fonts), JavaScript widgets & tools to help include & manage your modules. YOU deals with interaction with operating system, interaction with users and interaction with bad code. The YUI allows for the lot of flexibility when it comes to loading the library, register for best online yahoo user interface training and learn the course by expert professionals in an interactive and informative way.


Yahoo User Interface Online Training course content

Introduction to YUI
  • Introduction to YUI
  • Why YUI?
Loading Modules and YUI Seed File
  •        Loading Rollups and Modules
  •        How to Load a SimpleYUI
  •        Identifying and Loading Individual Modules
  •        Loading a Different Default Skin
  •        Loading Gallery Modules and YUI 2 Widget
  •        Loading Locally Hosted Builds
  •        Developing Your Own Reusable Modules with Dependencies
  •        Defining Groups of Custom Modules
  •        Reusing a YUI Configuration
  •        Defining Your Own Rollups
  •        Enabling Predictive Module Loading on User Interaction
  •        Implementing Static Loading
DOM Manipulation using YUI
  •        Element References and Uses
  •        CSS Classes Manipulation
  •        Getting and Setting DOM Properties
  •        Changing an Element’s Inner Content
  •        Working with Element Collections
  •        Creating New Elements
  •        Adding Custom Methods and Properties to Nodes
Using UI Effects, Animations, and Interactions
  •        Hiding, Fading, and Moving an Element
  •        Creating a Series of Transitions
  •        Defining Your Own Custom Transitions
  •        Creating an Infinite Scroll Effect in YUI
  •        How to Drag an Element in YUI
  •        Creating a Resizable Node
  •        Implementing a Re-orderable Drag-and-Drop Table
Events in YUI
  •        Responding User Actions
  •        Responding to Element and Page Lifecycle Events
  •        Controlling Event Propagation and Bubbling
  •        Preventing Default Behavior
  •        Delegating Events
  •        Firing and Capturing Custom Events
  •        Driving Applications with Custom Events
  •        Using Object Methods as Event Handlers
  •        Detaching Event Subscriptions
  •        Controlling the Order of Event Handler Execution
  •        Creating Synthetic DOM Events
  •        Responding to a Method Call with Another Method
AJAX Functions in YUI
  •        Fetching and Displaying XHR Data
  •        Handling Errors During Data Transport
  •        Loading Content Directly into a Node
  •        Submitting Form Data with XHR
  •        Uploading a File with XHR
  •        Getting JSON Data Using Script Nodes (JSONP)
  •        Normalizing Browser Style Inconsistencies
  •        Rebuilding Uniform Base Styles
  •        Applying Consistent Fonts
  •        Laying Out Content with Grids
  •        Using Grids for Responsive Design
  •        Creating Consistent Buttons
Infrastructure- Extending YUI
  •        Managing State with Attributes
  •        Creating Base Components with Y.extend()
  •        Creating Base Components with Y.Base.create()
  •        Creating a Basic Widget
  •        Creating a Widget That Uses Progressive Enhancement
  •        Rendering Remote Data with a Widget
  •        Creating a Simple Plugin
  •        Creating a Plugin That Alters Host Behavior
  •        Bundling CSS with a Widget as a CSS Module
  •        Bundling CSS with a Widget as a Skin
  •        Representing Data with a Model
  •        Persisting Model Data with a Sync Layer
  •        Managing Models with a Syncing ModelList
  •        Rendering HTML with a View
  •        Rendering a Model with a View
  •        Rendering a ModelList with a View
  •        Saving State Changes in the URL
  •        Defining and Executing Routes
Using YUI Widgets
  •         Instantiating, Rendering, and Configuring Widgets
  •        Creating an Overlay
  •        Aligning and Centering an Overlay
  •        Making an Overlay Draggable
  •        Creating a Simple, Styled Information Panel
  •        Creating a Modal Dialog or Form
  •        Creating a Tooltip from an Overlay
  •        Creating a Lightbox from an Overlay
  •        Creating a Slider
  •        Creating a Tabview
  •        Creating a Basic DataTable
  •        Formatting a DataTable’s Appearance
  •        Displaying a Remote JSON DataSource in a DataTable
  •        Plotting Data in a Chart
  •        Choosing Dates with a Calendar
  •        Defining Calendar Rules
  •        Creating a Basic AutoComplete
  •        Highlighting and Filtering AutoComplete Results
  •        Using AutoComplete with Remote Data
  •        Customizing the AutoComplete Result List