Zen Cart Training

Zen Cart Training Introduction:

Zen Cart Training at Global Online Trainings- Zen cart is basically an open source e-commerce software solution which is based on PHP and MySQL. It also includes WordPress. In present days, e-commerce has great future. And millions of people are using e-commerce sites in order to purchase any product. Zen Cart is a shopping cart which helps the persons to do the purchasing online. It also has many other benefits. Global Online Trainings offers best Zen Cart Online Training with real time examples by industry experts at reasonable price and in flexible timings.

This Zen cart Training mainly related to e-commerce and it includes all the basic and advanced techniques with high quality Training by experts. They will provide you both Zen cart Online Training and also Zen Cart corporate Trainings  according to the student requirement.

Mode of Training: Zen cart Online training/Zen cart corporate training/Zen cart Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Zen cart online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Prerequisites for Zen Cart Training:

To learn Zen Cart Training at Global Online Trainings the person need to have basic knowledge on:

  • Phone gap
  • Open cart
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Os commerce
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript
  • Code Igniter
  • Drupal
  • Magento

Zen Cart Online Training Course Content

Zen Cart Online Training Course Content

Zen Cart Training Overview:

Global Online Trainings provides a best Zen Cart Training by top experienced trainers with real time examples. Each and every step is explained with detailed information by our Trainers. Any candidates who are having above skills can learn this Zen Cart Online Training course. And the candidates who are interested to know about Zen Cart Shopping cart can also join Zen Cart Training.

We also provide both PHP and WordPress Trainings also. These are more helpful in current market or IT Industry. WordPress Training at Global Online Trainings provides you the knowledge about web designs, digital marketing, blogging and many other modules.Uses of Zen Cart Training

Installation process of Zen cart and its uses in Zen Cart Training:
  • To install the Zen Cart, at first we need to type “www.zecart.com” and then find the download now option.
  • After that you can click; download latest version. It will take some time in order to download. After downloading, the file that we downloaded will be in the form of Zip file.
  • So, we need to unzip Zen cart zip file. We need to use the FTP client like, for example if we use the File zilla and then find us and cart folder.
  • And select the entire folder inside these and cart folder and drag it to your domain. You can use your domain after you finish uploading all these and cart folder.
  • Then you can type your domain and then it will send to the cart – Hello, Thank you for loading Zen Cart. And cart will appear, you will an option Click here.
  • So click on it to begin the installation. After that you can click the continue button- Zen Cart Training.
  • And the next step is click on the button that says – I have read and agree to abide the terms and conditions that stated above and then click continue button and after that scroll down and if you find everything is in green text, so it will be fine and after that click the install button.
  • And the next is the database setup and we need to fill the database information for database host that you want to use a database username, password and that the database name.
  • For example we can use some other details to fill that form. Thus it includes a number of steps- Zen Cart Training.
  • Like clicking on self admin settings and then you will get a message as Congratulations, you have successfully installed a cart on your system and the next step is we need to rename the admin folder in our domain.
  • Thus it includes a number of steps to complete the entire process.

All the process can be explained in brief during the Zen cart Training with live sessions. This helps you to get a clear idea regarding the installation process of Zen Cart.

How to add products to Zen cart can be explained during Zen Cart Training:

To add Products to your shopping cart software program called Zen Cart:

In order to continue this process we must have installed our own shopping cart software program correctly without having to manually do it and potentially doing it incorrectly.

  • We need to go to control panel that means log in to your back-end area. This process will be clear if we can see the screen.
  • We need to go over to catalog. It will go down to categories and products because there is no product section to click on. There you will find a category.
  • So, click on it first because you need to have a category before you add a product. Later click on new product. What we need to do is to choose the date.
  • It will be available in the right side. Let us leave it blank. You can add a manufacturer there. If you have not already created manufacturers, you need to do that.
  • First you have to go up to catalog and go down to manufacturers. Then when you go in to add the product, you will see the ability, the ability to choose which manufacturers you are dealing with for the product name.
  • If we type T-shirt, some of the stuff that we just get leaves as default. We can add a description there. Then scroll down a little bit more. Then we can add the quantity available.
  • In Zen Cart Training- Each time when we make a sale, it will count downward. So you can keep track of your stock under the products image.
  • Then choose a picture of an image of a t-shirt on your hard drive and then upload it in a moment. The weight, the product shipping weight can be discussed later.
  • But at present, if we scroll over to the right side margin, you will see preview and cancel. It is located up at the top of the page. Preview basically means kind of save.
  • So click on preview, and we need to enter the price in the previous page at my pricing section. If you put in 1999, we need to go back over to the right side margin.
  • Scroll upward and click preview again. And there you can find your shirt and now we need to insert it into my shopping cart.
  • We need to click insert over there will be your t-shirt. You have got the price set in 1999 and have got 10 available. If you find green color there, it means that it is enabled, it is active.
  • It is up and running. So people can bid on it or excuse us to buy it now. If we change that to red, we could actually disable it.
  • Now it will be turned off. So it indicates that the shirts are not for sale. If we need to turn them off temporarily, we can turn it back on just by clicking on it.
  • If we need to edit the price or change the description or change the image we can click Edit.
  • If  we want to delete it completely then you can delete it there and we can move it to another category if we want to and we can also copy it to another category.
  • So that it will be in two categories at once and then there you can find a couple of options. Here, attributes would mean if we have different sizes or colors.
  • So this can be understood only if you can see the screen. How it looks like will be seen on the live site. We can then refresh the live page that all the shoppers will see and there it is.
  • We can find our product, can get our new products there we have got it down. Lower here on the screen, click on the clothing.
  • There you can see the people. Then click that button there and add it to the cart and then they will be able to check out and purchase it and that is how we add products to the Zen cart shopping cart software program. So you can start making money online selling products.

So, thus we can add products to Zen Cart. This can be explained in brief during the Zen cart Training. 

How to create EZ pages in Zen Cart Training:

For this we need to use a website. And have to select the EZ pages from the above options in the Zen cart. So that we can create EZ pages very easily within short period of time. This can be explained with real time example during the Zen Cart Training by our experienced trainers.

We also provide PHP Training. PHP plays a major role as a back end code in many of the applications. Knowing PHP coding helps you in many aspects. Join PHP Training at Global Online Trainings for more information about PHP.

Conclusion of Zen Cart Training:

Zen Cart Online Training is helpful for the individuals to get in depth knowledge about present e-Commerce technologies. We provide Zen Cart Training Certification after completion of course. 

Enroll at Global Online Trainings to learn about Zen Cart Training. It helps in providing knowledge regarding e-commerce, PHP, WordPress etc.., which plays a major role in present day applications. Our Trainers will give the entire knowledge regarding Zen Cart Online Training. For more details contact our help Desk!


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